Welcome to Black Bridal Bliss!

Howdy, folks!

Welcome to BLACK BRIDAL BLISS! Bridgette Bartlett here, creator of Black Bridal Bliss and certified bridal junkie. I launched this site because while working as an editor for a major Black women’s magazine, I discovered how much sisters are neglected in the bridal market. And although I have never planned a wedding of my own, (God knows I’ve been in quite a few though!) it frustrated me. I also discovered that there are oodles of us who aren’t planning a personal walk down the aisle but still get a huge kick out of looking at wedding dresses and videos of random folks doing the electric slide during wedding receptions. And let’s face it, when opening any top bridal magazine you’re likely to find more women who look like Gwyneth Paltrow than Mo’Nique, right? I searched and searched for ways I could help do something about this imbalance.

So, I decided to combine my passion for all things stylish along with my sincere desire to showcase more Black women in happy marriages (The nerve of me to think the latter is possible, huh?) and eventually came up with BLACK BRIDAL BLISS. As the week progresses, you will find informative fashion and beauty posts in STYLE, get ideas on everything from engagement parties to escort cards in PLANNERS, PEONIES & PLACECARDS, soak up the latest jet-setting dish in DESTINATION IDEAS, ooh and ah over the exclusive real weddings featured weekly in TIE THE KNOT TUESDAYS and lastly learn from honest hitched couples on what to expect after the honeymoon in MARRIAGE MATTERS.

I’m super-excited about Triple B and I hope you are, too. Stop by again soon as the site will expand regularly over the next few days, weeks and months. Become a fan of BLACK BRIDAL BLISS on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Oh and be sure to drop me a line in the comments section to tell me what you simply love or just can’t stand. And don’t forget to forward the site address to a friend or six…or ten to help spread the word about the bliss.

The best is yet to come!

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  1. Avatar Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

    Hi Bridg,
    Congratulations on this site…I just love it! The concept is amazing; I too love weddings and feel that the institution of marriage should be celebrated. I look forward to more and will be checking back often.

  2. really beautiful site.. it’s exciting to have a wonderful resource that fits our needs. thank you!

  3. this is EXCELLENT! any bride to be i hear about is getting this link.

  4. Greeting from Charlotte, Bridgette! I will definitely utilize this site as my husband and I are planning to renew our vows and have a real wedding in 2012!! I wish you continued success. Love – Nikki

  5. Avatar Mashariki says:

    Congrats Bridgette! Love this site. My cousin is getting married in September and I am sending her the link to your page!

  6. This is soo exciting Ms. BB!!!! The site looks beautiful. I will be getting in contact with you real soon.


  7. Love it Bridge. If…no, no ifs…when my day comes, I coming to your site for ideas. I’d like a Martha Stewart wedding on an Essence budget.

  8. Avatar Joan Morgan says:

    Congrats Bridgette!
    Amazing things happen when you follow your passion. Will definitely spread the word.

  9. Bridgette…How wonderful it is to see you persue your passion and to walk on faith
    I have no doubt that your endevors will become sucessful,please know that you have my prayers,support,love but most of all my pride…stay focoused on your goals and keep God first…CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WITH A BIG SMILE WARM HUGS &KISSES ALL THE WAY FROM PHX …I would like to link your site with mine

  10. Avatar tanika thompson says:

    Hey i like this very much congrats to you this is much need cause well all come in different shapes and sizes and looking at wedding photo and etc are always nice it makes a person start daydreaming…..once again congrats on a job well done I’m Choc Thompson on fb

  11. Avatar Carla Wills says:

    Congratulations, Bridgette!!! This is so exciting! You are following in the footsteps of other Essence alumnae who entered this arena, but you’re doing it 2010 style. Love that you’re also spotlighting marriage. I’m definitely going to spread the word!

  12. Avatar Leah McDowell says:

    Congrats Bridgette!! I love the that you are doing this. Very Exciting for you I’m sure. I stay on the WE Channel watching all the wedding shows lol so I will definitely be visiting your site often. Congrats again!

  13. love this idea, girl! congrats!

  14. Congrats, Bridgette! Gorgeous work! I will make sure that I pass this along to all the soon-to-be-brides in my circle. I’m so proud of you, taking Black Love to to the next level!

  15. What an elegant site, Bridgette! I love it! Congrats to you!

  16. You go girl!!! I love this I may be sending you something soon to post on your site. Keep up the good work and I’m happy you followed your passion.

  17. Congrats on this new venture! I love this concept and look forward to reading more! Take care!

  18. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! I am loving this site already! Wishing you all the best….and you are right…the best IS yet to come!!


  19. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you for following your dreams.
    Good job, good job. You are constanly in my prayers. Remember and follow Proverbs 3: 5-6.

  20. Avatar Claire McIntosh says:

    Bridal Wave!!! You’ve got a tsunami of talent, Bridgette

  21. Congrats Bridge!!! I, too am a confirmed bridal junkie and look for to seeing what new things you come up with. My secret desire is to own a bridal store bigger than Kleinfelds!!! All the best.

  22. Bridgette, This is such a smart move! You’re about to capitalize on a market that’s dying for attention. Congratulations, and I’ll be checking for you when (I’m being positive like Cori), it’s my turn to walk down the aisle. Do your thing, lady!

  23. One of my friends shared this site on Twitter and I had to stop by to check you out. Congratulations on the site, the black bride needs you! GOD bless

  24. Found you via twitter, I am a black bride planning a September 2010 wedding. Love what I am seeing so far and I linked you on my blog. Good Luck!

  25. Hey B…..

    I am going to be looking at this site often…..because I will be needing your help!!

  26. Avatar Bri- bri & Naya says:

    Hey auntie,
    We saw your site it is awesome!! We sa our auntie Nette posted something and wanted to also. We know your busy looks like you will have a wedding on your hands ( weeeeeee) hope we’re in it !( yeah auntie nette)
    Love you to peices
    your neices


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