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A Bridesmaid Dress She’ll Really Want to Wear Again

If I ever have a wedding with a formal bridal party, my girls are rocking these dresses!

We’ve all been there. Your cousin, best friend or sister announces she wants you to be in her wedding. Great! Then she sets you up for the okey doke with “The bridesmaid dresses are going to be so cute. I’m picking something you’ll actually want to wear again.” Sure you think to yourself. I can’t wait to wear a turquoise, taffeta, floor length gown to my company holiday party next year.  I think most brides have the best intentions when they share the above or similar sentiments with their bridal party but rarely is it true. Enter twobirds Bridesmaid to the rescue :
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Destination Deals & Honeymoon Hookups

The Westin Resort in St. John: There's no need for many decorations in a beautiful setting like this.

I attended the “Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Celebrate Romance” expo at NYC’s posh Plaza Hotel last week. (I actually prefer boutique hotels such as the Gansevoort but whenever I go to the Plaza I feel like a grown-up.) Anyway, the event was very informative and I’ll have loads of great stuff to share with you guys in the coming weeks. Today I’m providing a sampling of a few things I uncovered that you can take advantage of now: [Read more…]

The State of Our Unions

A brand new coffee table book that celebrates our marriages.

Whether it is your first time visiting, or your 51st time — you have figured out that I’m over the doom and gloom regarding marriage in the Black community. Not only is the conversation exhausting, stats misused (sure educated Black women are getting married older but virtually all educated women are getting hitched later in life) and very rarely are the historical and social factors brought to the table for context. UGH! So when I discover folks like Kea Taylor , I am genuinely more optimistic about the global perception of Black marriage. You will be, too.
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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Sandra & Kevin

Read about the whirlwind journey of these childhood sweethearts.

Bride: Sandra Lemon, 33

Groom: Kevin Jones, 33

Occupations: Lemon, physician’s assistant; Jones, engineer project manager

Homebase: Maryland

Wedding Date: August 15, 2009

Wedding Location: Grand Lodge, Hunt Valley, Maryland
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Wedding Invitations For Every Budget and Style

This Cascading Blooms wedding invite from event planner Preston Bailey is affordable...No, really!

Recently a Triple B reader in Atlanta (a groom-to-be) expressed an interest in receiving more scoop on wedding invitation designs. I was eager to help the brother out, especially because I have adored stationery since I was an itty bitty girl. Plus it warms my heart to witness a man happily involved in the planning of his nuptials. So Arthur in ATL, I hope this makes life for you and the soon-to-be Mrs. a little less stressful.
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Bridal Fashion Advice for ALL Body Types!

Style expert and beaming bride Nicole Brewer surrounded by her bridal party, Summer 2009.

I recently caught up with style expert Nicole Brewer to get the 411 on bridal fashion for women of all sizes. With nearly 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, Brewer is currently a Style Council Member for David’s Bridal. The spunky newlywed (she just jumped the broom herself last summer) chatted with me about proper foundations, bridesmaid dresses and wardrobe tricks for real brides with real curves. [Read more…]

READER MAIL! Budget-Friendly Centerpieces

Get affordable centerpiece ideas for your next function!

This post is pretty special. It’s a response to Triple B’s very first reader inquiry! Today’s question is all about reception centerpieces so I tracked down the lovely TaraSimone of Barbara’s Flowers in Harlem to help my bride-to-be out. TaraSimone developed a budding curiosity for flowers at the age of seven while observing her dad run the family floral biz. Now, she has clients ranging from ConEdison and Merrill Lynch to Hillary Clinton and Alicia Keys. Here we go:
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Check out these BEAUTIFUL Engagement Photos!

View this engaged LA couple's heartwarming photos!

A dear colleague alerted me of the gorgeous engagement session I’m sharing with you today. These images (courtesy of the talented Henry Chen) speak for themselves. [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday Meets Marriage Matters

Can you stand the rain?

Let me come clean. It’s raining here in New York today (rain always makes me feel nostalgic) and today’s Tie the Knot Tuesday delves into the rainy days of marriage. TTKT will sometimes take on different formats.  Occasionally (like today) it won’t have tons of pretty pictures with fuzzy captions.  Although I lovingly named this site Black Bridal Bliss, marriage is not always blissful. To demonstrate this, I uncovered one of my treasured editor’s letters from writer extraordinaire, Danyel Smith, (Google her. She’s dopeness.) while she was the head editrix at the now defunct Vibe Vixen magazine. In it the famed author bared her soul about a tiff she was having with her hubby who she wed in 2005. Danyel’s vulnerability about love, marriage and everything in between gets no realer or sweeter.
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BLACK BRIDAL BLISS Exclusive Discount!

Dream house + dream wedding. You can have both!

I’m so excited, folks! I just learned that the good people at were so impressed by last week’s post on their fab new wedding registry that they’re offering an exclusive discount to Triple B readers.
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Made of Honor: A Bridesmaid Gets Real

Writer and former-bridesmaid Janelle Harris has a story to tell...

Happy Monday! Today’s post is a certified treat from writer, Janelle Harris. The Washington, D.C. based scribe always manages to get a chuckle from me with the dry humor she inserts into her Facebook status updates. When she expressed her frustration about being a bridesmaid on the social media site a few weeks ago I knew she had to pen something for Triple B. (By the way, are you a Black Bridal Bliss Facebook friend and are you following us on Twitter yet?)

This single mom contributes to many outlets including, Heart & Soul and Sister 2 Sister where she’s responsible for the “Office with a View” column. Be sure to let my fellow wedding show addict know what you think of her hilarious op-ed in the comments section.
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Cool (and practical) New Wedding Registry!

Owning a home is part of the so-called "American dream"...right?

How many times have you heard someone rant about a couple’s nuptials with these statements: “They spent $30,000 on a wedding and they don’t even have a house? That doesn’t make any sense!” More times than you can count I’m sure. As I mentioned last week, everyone is looking for creative ways to make a dollar stretch. So when I received an email to my inbox this week about, I immediately thought to myself, ‘This is genius!’. [Read more…]

Wedding Vow Writing Do’s and Don’ts

Charanna Alexander, Founder of Love Ink

Today’s post is from Charanna Alexander, founder of a special occasion writing service Love Ink. Her most requested service is vow writing. This ambitious 25 year-old Los Angeles native presently resides in the Big Apple but can work with clients across the globe. Miss Alexander took time from her busy schedule as a grad student at Columbia University and budding entrepreneur to share her expertise with Triple B. FULL DISCLOSURE: A few years back one of my best male friends asked me to write his wedding vows and I thought he was nuts.‘That’s supposed to be personal and come from your heart!’ I snapped. Little did I know back then I could get paid for penning vows. Kudos to Love Ink for filling a much needed void.
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SPECIAL ADDITION: LaLa and Carmelo Snag VH1 Wedding Reality Show


La La, baby boy Kiyan and Carmelo are heading to the chapel! (And I'll be watching.)

Haven’t you been losing sleep wondering when the next reality television show was going to debut? Seriously, prime-time TV needs another reality show like Seattle needs rain. But I’m still admittedly a lil’ pumped about VH1’s newest addition to their fall lineup. The cable network has signed Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony and his fiancé, television personality La La Vasquez to a new series about their upcoming nuptials. [Read more…]

Tress Time with Natural Hair Guru Arlette Pender

Finally, hair advice for the natural bride!

When I decided to launch Triple B, I knew that one of my first interviews would have to be with a hairstylist who specializes in tending to natural strands. Who better to fulfill this burning interview request of mine than natural hair guru, Arlette Pender of Hairloks by Arlette? The Brooklyn bred, Arizona-based stylist has been on her hair grind for over 30 years and has worked with notable clients like Kelis, N’Bushe Wright, Essence and Vibe magazines. Here, Pender dishes the 411 on proper maintenance, the downfalls of beeswax and the style surprises in craft stores for naturally-coifed brides-to-be preparing for their big day.
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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Salimah & Ted

The Larkins share their love story.

Bride: Salimah El-Amin , 35
Groom: Ted Larkin, 44
Occupations: El-Amin, freelance film producer; Larkin, IT project manager
Homebase: New York City
Wedding Date: October 3, 2009
Wedding Location: Akwaaba Mansion Bed & Breakfast; Brooklyn, New York

Computer Love: Modern technology brought newlyweds Salimah and Ted together. The couple met back in 2004 on and after a couple of dates their courtship got serious. [Read more…]

Cool Find for Bridal Shower Festivities

You'll really impress the girls with this!

I discovered the subject of today’s post a couple years back while working in the beauty department of a magazine. Literally dozens of products came into the office daily so it was easy to get jaded about new lip gloss and eye shadow colors. [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Budget Bridal Bites

Get smart about your wedding budget with these tips.

Everyone is trying to make a dollar stretch these days. I completely understand, I was bitten by the layoff bug myself last fall. Perhaps you still want to have the wedding of your dreams but realize that dream is going to need some tweaking in order for the mortgage and car note to get paid. Take a look at my seven savvy suggestions to get the most bang for your bridal buck. You’re welcome!
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INTERVIEW: Wedding Planning Veteran Linnyette Richardson-Hall Shares Her Expert Tips

Linnyette Richardson-Hall: The Wedding Diva

He popped the question and you screamed “Yes!” Or maybe you popped the question and he… Either way, you and your beloved have decided to wed and want to include your loved ones in your big day. Before you set a date, pick a venue or choose a bridal party, you’ve probably thought about hiring a wedding planner. But, whether or not you can you afford one, deciding if they are really necessary, wondering if he or she will truly understand your vision are all issues you’re weighing at the moment.

Well, Triple B has come to the rescue. Since everyone can’t plan a fab wedding on their own like Cleo and Lyncoln, we caught up with the self-proclaimed wedding diva, Linnyette Richardson-Hall to address all your wedding planner dilemmas. The Baltimore native, who you might recognize from the Style Channel’s Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?, has been in the bridal biz for nearly 20 years. Read on to find out why planners are not solely for rich folks, why you shouldn’t ignore your hubby-to-be in the planning process and how to avoid becoming a dreaded bridezilla. [Read more…]

The MET Goes Bridal: Wedding Trends from the Red Carpet

Look beyond traditional bridal salons when seeking inspiration for your wedding gown.

I enjoy looking to unconventional resources for inspiration in just about everything that I do – from home decorating to hairstyle selections. When and if I do have a “wedding”, I can totally see myself buying my dress at a second-hand shop or some other random place that will drive my mother batty. So I’m downright giddy to highlight select picks from Monday night’s Costume Institute MET Gala in New York City as inspiration for creative wedding gowns here on Triple B. [Read more…]

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