Tie the Knot Tuesday – Virdina & Kevin


Meet the Gibbs!

Bride: Virdina Milfort
Groom: Kevin Gibbs
Occupations: Milfort, beginning law school in fall 2010; Gibbs, IT Administrator
Homebase: Washington, D.C.
Wedding Date: April 22, 2010
Wedding Location: The Decatur House, Washington, D.C.

A U Street Romance:If you’re searching for an example of “the new D.C.”, look no further than newlyweds Virdina and Kevin. The lovebirds met in January 2007 at a hip cafe in the District. Their first date was at Duke City restaurant which Kevin suggested even before he knew Virdina went to Duke University. “We had several dates soon thereafter all centered around the U Street corridor so that Virdina wouldn’t get lost,” explains Kevin. The couple became exclusive on the day after Valentine’s Day. “We have been inseparable ever since,” they profess.

I Love Your Smile

Empire State of Mind: Kevin persuaded a few of Virdina’s girlfriends to help plan his surprise proposal on November 4, 2009. “We got engaged November 4, 2009 at the place we first met,” says Kevin. During that day, one of the before mentioned friends emailed all the girls that she got a fictitious promotion and was celebrating. Virdina had no clue that Kevin was going to be there. He had the DJ play Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” because the first question he asked Virdina when they met was “Are you from New York?”. While Kevin was hiding, Virdina looked around at other women in the place to see if they were being proposed to. Unfortunately she couldn’t hear what Kevin was saying on the microphone during his surprise so he had to pop out from his hiding place and ad-lib his speech to her. Then he got down on one knee and asked Virdina to be his wife.

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(All photography by Observatory Photo and Documentary Associates.)

A Couple That Gives Back Together: In the midst of their wedding planning, Haiti — the country of Virdina’s birth — suffered a devastating earthquake. Virdina was obviously heartbroken and felt like solely sending money and supplies back home was not enough support for her beloved Haiti.We had been mulling over places to visit; the oft-done and cliche Paris and Hawaii were mentioned as well as Bali. Yet, we still could not decide, recalls Virdina. “Kevin suggested we go to Haiti since we both want to help as much as possible. To know that he understands me without saying anything at all is pretty remarkable,” she adds.

Cake Time

TimeEco-Chic Nuptials: Virdina and Kevin were winners of the 2010 DC Green Consortium and therefore had their $50,000 wedding planned and executed by top bridal professionals for free!This affair certainly proves that it is possible to have a green yet stylish wedding. The couple pulled it all off — on Earth Day — with the expertise of wedding and special event designer Katie Martin. *Stay tuned next week for exclusive info on planning green friendly nuptials from Katie herself and other experts behind this fab wedding. Plus find out how to plan your own green wedding with a budget much less than fifty grand!

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  1. Beautiful! How sweet was it for him to recite his wedding vows in Creole???!!! I also love that he suggested they go to Haiti for their honeymoon. It says a lot about his character. This entire wedding was classy and I wish them the best!

  2. Gorgeous wedding! I’m loving those sneakers on the flower girls. ;-) Very unique touch.

  3. Bridgette…

    Thank you so much for writing this article – can’t wait to chat next week!
    Congrats Virdina and Kevin!


  4. Avatar Tyisha Quattlebaum says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sneakers on the flower girls!! Very unique.

  5. What a beautiful way to begin their lives together, by giving back. Would love to read a follow up to their time in Haiti.

  6. Marriage not merely join the bride and groom, but also the families as well.You can find several standard rituals and one of those are wedding speeches which are customary on such occasion. The wedding speech should be written and prepared carefully, to ensure that it honor the wedding couple and their households in the very same time.

  7. I am Haitian and this touch me, it shows his love for her by learning her language. Beautiful!!


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