Thoughtful Escort Cards and Colorful Wedding Gowns

Make your guests feel extra-special with this nifty idea!

Howdy! Today’s post covers two totally unrelated topics. Sue me. First, I wanted to share a cool lil’ tidbit I picked up yesterday regarding escort cards for the wedding reception.

Consider writing a brief, personalized thank-you note on the underside of your escort cards like “Thank you for traveling from Canada for our big day” or “You have supported our relationship from day one and we’re so grateful you’re here today”. (This will work best with tented escort cards. Use the part that’s usually blank). This is such a sweet and unique way to welcome everyone to your reception. It will also surprise most of your loved ones and might even make a nice keepsake. Keep in mind however, this thoughtful gesture will take a lot of time.

Next, I’ve been thinking about the celery green wedding gown of R&B singer Kelis

Could you rock a green wedding gown like Kelis did?

and wondering how many other folks digged it as much as I did. I just finished up a story about the Milkshake singer for a freelance gig. Her marriage to Nas didn’t last but the dress still rocks in my opinion. Cutting edge British designer Matthew Williamson (he’s one of my faves) created the avante garde strapless tulle and sequin frock. I don’t think I’m bold enough to wear such a gown on my wedding day but I like that there are people in the world who are (Kelis seems like she would dress out-the-box even if she wasn’t a “celeb”). By the way, I think Gwen Stefani’s  wedding dress was awesome to look at as well. 

Are you feeling the handwritten, personalized escort card idea? Would you consider a colored gown for your big day? Sound off.

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    1. Kendra Bryan says:

      I really like the idea of personalized tent cards and was considering it after I recently read about a similar idea. As for colored wedding dresses, I am pretty traditional so I would have only considered it for a second marriage. Yet, I love the idea of colored SHOES. Hot pink anyone? Ok, back to whittling down my guest list…

    2. Joycelyn says:

      I also live the idea of the personalized tent/escort cards; details like this would make me feel special, I like to make my family and friends feel special, sooo. . .


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