*EXCLUSIVE* – Introducing Black Bridal Bliss Blogger, Charli!

The Road to Mrs.: Charli is the 1st official blogger for Triple B

Hey, hey, hey! I’m so excited about today’s post. My colleague, Charli Penn, is now an official blogger for BlackBridalBliss.com. (!!!) Charli is good people, uber-talented and scheduled to get hitched this fall. She’ll be dishing all about her journey to the altar on Triple B each and every Friday until she becomes a Mrs. Pretty cool, right? So….[insert drumroll, please] here’s Charli folks:

Diary of An (Ex)pert Bride

Hi, I’m Charli, and like many of you, I’m an excited bride-to-be. I’m getting married this fall, and with 90 days to go, it’s crunch time. Every bride is on some sort of mission. Mine is to throw a magical wedding day for my honey and I that reflects who we are but won’t leave us in major debt after everyone goes home. Luckily, I had experience to help me get there, thanks to my last job.

Before I myself was altar-bound, I spent my days devoted to helping millions of brides personalize and survive their own dream weddings and my nights scouring the Web looking for the next best thing in the bridal biz . For nearly three years I worked as an editor for TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com. It was my duty to know all the ins-and-outs and dos and don’ts of wedding planning, solutions to all those sticky situations brides might encounter and how to get more wedding style for less.

I saw thousands of real wedding photos, talked with hundreds of brides and met with all sorts of cool vendors. So, when my honey Gibran popped the question last Christmas Eve beneath our tree, I was convinced I’d have this whole planning thing in the bag. Boy was I wrong! Apparently there is such a thing as too much information, and as I began my planning process six months ago, I realized I couldn’t even get past the big first step: Determining my bridal style.

Sure it sounds easy enough, but when you’ve seen one-too-many wedding photos and read a few too many blog posts, it’s tough to decipher between an idea you just loved, and one that’s totally you. I got crafty in the beginning and built a giant inspiration board filled with my favorite elements from great weddings I’d seen before. When I was done, what I thought would be my masterpiece turned out to be a big old mess. How on earth could bridesmaids fully clad in vintage-era flapper dresses, a dog of honor in a wheelbarrow, and a picnic style reception beneath a giant cherry blossom tree all be part of the same wedding?

I was all over the place. I could commit to spending the rest of my life with someone, but not to a wedding style. I was lost in a sea of bridal inspiration! So I thought: What would a Charli and Gibran production really be like? Are we a fun-loving couple who’ll love nothing more than a backyard boogie fest with great food and good laughs? Or are we maybe more romantics at heart who’ll want a bling-filled fairytale with lots of pretty pinks? It took me weeks to realize that though I’m a huge fan of a perfectly executed beach soiree, complete with a barefoot bride and a peach sunset in the backdrop, we’re really more modern-day romantics looking for a chic event we’ll remember always. And there it was, my bridal style – found! On October 17th we’ll become man and wife beneath the beautiful fall foliage on a stone terrace overlooking the mountains, then head on over to a tented jazz-themed cocktail hour and end the night by getting down to the tunes of a fusion deejay and percussionist in a two-story loft style venue surrounded by great friends and family. Now that’s a Charli and Gibran production.

What’s your inner bride style? How did you find it? Or have you always known what it would be? I want to hear about your discovery and how you committed to your concept!

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  1. Avatar Twanna S. says:

    Love the new Blog! Great job Charli

  2. Great points! Can’t wait to see all your inspirations and final elements on here!

  3. Charlie,

    10-17…only a couple of months away. As you write this wedding day count down…would you be willing to share some of your insights on how your relationship is evolving. –The singletons of America would like to know, does the ceremony truly make a difference or is this just a hoax that the government instilled in order to keep an accurate record of family trees? Lol. Best wishes!

  4. Avatar Anonymous says:

    WOW! you never know what you may get on this site. Seem like this is going to be very exciting………..

  5. I love reading a bride’s prospective on the wedding planning process. As a planner it really helps to stay connected with all the brides out there. This is a classic case that I’ve seen too many times to count. I’m looking forward to reading Charli’s journey!!

  6. I always knew what my inner bride style was. In love with everything Audrey Hepburn, New York-ish and sophisticated, I knew that I wanted an intimate (small), classy, evening, sophisticated, candlelit and posh wedding. Ever since I was young, I dreamt of that exact wedding. As for committing…it was actually very hard to committ to my concept being that a real life groom was never a part of my plans! When I actually sat down with my husband-to-be to discuss my dream, it was clear that his rather large family and day time, traditional wedding ideas did not fit mine. We eventually worked everything out and while I didn’t have the wedding on the roof of a fancy highrise building in downtown DC as I would have liked, it was still the wedding of my dreams.

    Congrats on your pending nuptials! As a newly married woman (as of May 7th, 2010!), I can say that this time is the time of your life. Enjoy it!!

    Oh and guess what?! I also blog every Friday for a Bridal Blog dedicated to the DC metropolitan area. Check it out! http://districtbrideguide.com/ Anyway, I look forward to your posts. Congrats again!

  7. No clue. But I think I need to start figuring out my style soon. I have never been that girl that always dreamed and planned out “the big day”. As the years passed in my relationship I just still had it in my mind, it would be something nice and intimate but never really fully thought out the details. So when June 19th came and he got down on one knee to pop the question, it sealed the deal that the planning needs to begin! That being said, having closed on a house 2 weeks later, and now having spent the last few weeks solely concentrating on the house, I plan to be in wedding mode in a few weeks! I look forward to more of your blogs!

  8. JJ,

    Thanks for the love! (And for sharing your bridal style story!) Let me just say that your dream wedding sounded like something I too dreamed up once. Hey, a girl can dream right? I’m glad you and your new hubby (congrats!) were able to compromise and come up with something you both truly loved. That’s SO what it’s all about in the end. A lot of things we have planned are a little flashy for my groom’s tastes, but he’s going with the flow — and I love him for it.

    I will definitely check out your blog each Friday — thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new marriage!


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