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For the Funky Bride in You

A "Lovely" addition to the traditional bridal salon scene

When I read about the newly opened bridal shop Lovely in downtown NYC recently, I was ecstatic to check it out. Tucked away in Manhattan’s trendy East Village, Lovely promises to be the answer for that woman who likes to dance to the beat of her own drummer. Read: This is the type of bridal shop Rihanna will visit when/if she decides to tie the knot. I was really looking forward to checking it out and telling you guys all about it today. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs.: Spoiling Your Bridesmaids 101

Charli (in black shirt) treating her girls to a post-dress shopping brunch.

Calling all bridezillas! I’ve seen one too many brides abuse their bridesmaids and I’ve had it with the disrespect. Ladies, are you serious? Yes, when you’re getting married things are supposed to be all about you, but you can’t be the star of the show if there’s no supporting cast. If you want your girls to stick around, you’re going to have to give them some respect. I know you love them, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have chosen them to be by your side at the altar. The question is, do you care enough about them to make sure the best day of your life isn’t their worst? I think you do, so I’m going to suggest a few simple gestures that can go a long way when it comes to showing them your appreciation. I present to you, my guide to spoiling your bridesmaids. [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Nicole & Marcus

Introducing Nicole and Marcus Mayo!

Bride: Nicole Manns, 28

Groom: Marcus Mayo, 27

Occupations: Manns, doctoral candidate; Mayo, financier

Homebase: New York City

Wedding Date: June 19, 2010

Wedding Location: Ceremony: First Unitarian Church, Germantown, Pennsylvania; Reception: The Downtown Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Read more…]

Personalize Your Wedding Reception

Make your wedding reception a hit with these fun pics!

Recently I noticed a friend tagged in someone’s wedding pics on Facebook and was quickly intrigued by the hilarious photo booth images as I clicked through the entire album. Initially, I was just “investigating” for a possible Tie the Knot Tuesday wedding to profile…hey it is research, right? But it didn’t take long for me to realize these weren’t just any ‘ole photo booth flicks. [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs.: My Search for the Perfect Wedding Weave

Charli is weave ready!

Dress? Check. Accessories? Check. Hair? Help!

Like most brides, I’m after one thing and one thing only: sheer perfection! From the rings on the napkins to the polish on my nails, I’m praying that on my wedding day every detail will be just right. Now, the reality is having everything go my way is probably a fantasy, but for me, there are a few details that must be flawless. (No exceptions.) My list is short, and having the right hairstyle tops it. [Read more…]

Did you know? White House – Black Market Bridal Finds!

Another affordable bridal resource at a mall near you.

Remember this post about how your fave bridge retailers are expanding into the world of bridal? Well, now thanks to White HouseIBlack Market you can officially add to that list! [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs.: Facebook Etiquette 101 from Charli

Engaged in the Digital Age...

When Gibran asked me to marry him (and I accepted), I was tempted to update my status before I’d even called my friends and family. (Guilty!) Yup, I confess to being a Facebook addict, just like most of you. As far as I’m concerned, uploading pictures of lunch or bragging about a great party is harmless social-networking fun. That is of course until you’re engaged. [Read more…]

Brand New Bridal Gown Resource on the Web!

A stunning gown by Marchesa, just one of the many fab designers that will be available on this new site.

Yesterday I read some pretty fantastic news in the world of bridal. Women’s Wear Daily revealed that The Aisle New York will make its debut late next month. The site’s founders: Mark Ingram, Shara Levy, David Yassky and Deborah Moses are all bridal industry vets and it appears as though they’re bringing the fire with this new endeavor. Want proof? The site will feature labels from fashion bigwigs like Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, Marchesa, Angel Sanchez and Jenny Packham. [Read more…]

Something Blue: EXCLUSIVE Black Bridal Bliss Discount

Just for you: Something blue for your gown.

I’ve never been a bride but I think most of them are searching for ways to make their gown “special.” Even though there’s a possibility that hundreds or even thousands of other women will strut down the aisle in the same dress as yours, I would imagine that it is nice to know you’ve still managed to make your dress bespoke or personalized in even the smallest way…Right? [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs.: I Lost 50lbs in 7 Months!

Charli: The Incredible Shrinking Bride

If you clicked on this post because you’re tired of popping diet pills, losing money on gym memberships you rarely use, and drinking concoctions that taste awful, I’ll be honest with you. I’m not about to preach about some secret diet. I didn’t do anything you haven’t tried before. [Read more…]

That Little Thing Called Divorce…

Former married couple Nas & Kelis: Breaking up is hard to do.

Howdy, folks! Today’s post subject: divorce might come as a surprise to most of you. I know you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t this site supposed to celebrate weddings, marriage and the blissfulness of being a bride as a Black woman?” Sure it is but the reality of life is that sometimes marriages don’t last. They just don’t. But danggit, I still don’t think we should give up on the institution.  (Just call me Pollyanna.) And it seems like the recently divorced Nas agrees with me. Check out what the iconic rapper had to say about marriage in a recent interview: [Read more…]

Win a $100K Wedding!

Learn how to score a luxe wedding for free!

Who couldn’t use a cool $100,000 wedding on someone else’s dime? The folks at and US Weekly thought the same thing. [Read more…]

Wedding Weekend Bonanza!

Alicia and Swizz say "I Do"!

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. Can you believe all the weddings that took place this weekend? I mean we knew that former first daughter Chelsea Clinton was tying the knot to her longtime beau Marc Mezvinsky in a lavish upstate New York ceremony. But who knew that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz and Tiny and T.I. would get hitched on the same day as well? [Read more…]

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