The Road to Mrs.:Bachelorette Parties, Showers and Gifts — Oh My!

Charli gets showered and parties it up before the BIG day!

OMG, I’m getting married in thirty days! Now that I’ve gotten that out, I really want to talk about how my lovely bridesmaids turned a few awesome ideas into two fabulous and memorable affairs. I had a wonderful time at my bridal shower and bachelorette party. My girls did right by me, and I had the time of my life at both events.
For my shower my maid of honor chose the perfect venue for a summer luncheon. Guest gathered for a ladies-only brunch at The Quays, located right on the Hoboken (New Jersey) waterfront with panoramic views of the New York City skyline. She knew we girls can get loud when we’re together, so she picked a spot that was intimate and it felt as if we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. (A great touch!) The date and time weren’t a surprise, since they knew I’d want to get my hair and nails done beforehand. But when I walked in the door the décor blew me away. My bridesmaids were inspired by the damask details in my wedding, so they carried it into the table runners, balloons, and favor cookies. It introduced my wedding style to my guests, which was a treat for me.  My favorite part of the day was the custom cake designed to have myself and my yorkie sitting on top, and all the matching gourmet cupcakes that went with it. My cupcake cake stole the show. It looked just like us, and it made for a great photo opp. The overall theme of the day was “love”, so the focus was on making sure everyone who was close to me was there (there were some out of town surprises) and instead of playing the usual games, and opening gifts one by one, more time was reserved for sharing advice and wisdom. After it was over, we went outside and took pictures as I released all 20 of my fabulous balloons into the sky. I felt like a movie bride!

Charli's Cake Couture

I hadn’t come down off the high from my shower when I found out there was a special bachelorette weekend in store. They went with a Sex and the City theme, and chose a girls getaway in New York City. The weekend kicked off on Saturday with a sexy black limo, stocked full with goodie bags, party favors, and champagne. We sipped bubbly and sang along to our favorite party songs with a few more friends on our way to a private dinner at The Volstead. The girls and I enjoyed yummy appetizers and entrees and an open bar. The highlight of the night? The “Charli-tini” on the menus! It was especially designed and named for me and I loved it!

After dinner we hopped back in the limo and headed to one of the top hunk shows in the city and settled in to our VIP booth there. That’s all I’ll see about that ladies (Sorry!) but afterwards we party hopped in the limo all night long until finally ending up back at a fabulous suite at The Hotel Gansevoort. There we opened favors and gifts. The next morning we spent the day at the rooftop pool and capped off the weekend with a laid-back ladies lunch.

I have to give it to my girls, they made both events special for me. I think it’s because they picked activities that represented me, the things that we love to do together and put a special spin on them all. It really is all about the details!

What was your bachelorette party or bridal shower like? What details do you most remember?

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  1. Sounds like you had a ball!

  2. sounds sooo fun.


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