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Tie the Knot Tuesday: Tamika & Bakari

Two Become One: The Haleys Say "I Do" Old Hollywood Style

Bride: Tamika Rice
Groom: Bakari Haley
Homebase: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Wedding Date: September 4, 2010
Wedding Location: The Historic Chamberlin; Fort Monroe, Virginia
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Marriage Matters Monday: Enjoying the View

Let the Good Times Roll: There is nothing like bonding with great friends and family!

Happy Monday, folks! Today I’m doing something a little different on Triple B. I don’t have any bridal finds or exclusive Q&As to share. (Although there are some coming!) I’m just writing from the heart. And since I haven’t had a Marriage Matters post on the site in a minute I thought, ‘Why not share this weekend’s experience?’ [Read more…]

Bright Idea!: Wedding Day Survival Kit

This Wedding Day Survival Kit makes a great bridal shower gift.

Like most of you, if I spill food or a beverage on my white top in the morning, it irks me for the rest of the day. So I can only imagine the stress that snagging or getting a stain on your wedding dress causes. Hopefully none of these snaffus occur on your wedding day but just in case it does, there’s a nifty little kit to help calm your nerves.
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Add Some Flair to Your Wedding Reception!

Why not add a little spice to your reception?

We’ve all attended at least one wedding reception that nearly put us to sleep and one that was so much fun we talked about it for weeks! The common thread in the latter? A reception that was true to the newlyweds — whether the nuptials cost $5,000 or $500,000.

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A Fab Wedding Cake (and Cookie) Resource

A sample of gorgeous delights from Cake Bliss out of Brooklyn, NY!

Today’s post is extra-sweet (literally). Keep reading to get the 411 on two fab bridal resources that will more than satisfy your dessert cravings for a wedding or any other special event. And guess what? Both are owned/run by Black women!
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How to Choose a Stylish Bridesmaid Dress PLUS an Exclusive Triple B Discount

Get expert tips on personalizing dresses for your bridal party!

Choosing fly bridesmaid dresses for your bridal party isn’t easy. So I got Minna Kao, the woman behind the fashionable MinnaK ready-to-wear line to weigh in. And because I love you all so (I really do), I also scored a fab discount just for you. Read on for deets!
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You Oughta Know: A La Mode Bridal

Learn about A la Mode, a cool wedding stationery biz!

Happy Monday, folks! Today’s post will be short and sweet. I want to hip you guys to a fantastic new wedding vendor that I learned of last week. Check it out:
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