Add Some Flair to Your Wedding Reception!

Why not add a little spice to your reception?

We’ve all attended at least one wedding reception that nearly put us to sleep and one that was so much fun we talked about it for weeks! The common thread in the latter? A reception that was true to the newlyweds — whether the nuptials cost $5,000 or $500,000.

You guys know how much I value personalization in weddings. Some couples like Cleo and Lyncoln opt to keep theirs subtle with a Caribbean steel pan band during cocktail hour while others like Camille and Uchenna are much more expressive with cultural traditions. However you and your beloved decide to celebrate your new union, make sure it is a reflection of the people you are and not just a laundry list of obligations from some outdated wedding planning book. Do you live for gospel music? Why not have a few members from a choir sing acappella during your cocktail hour? Did you and your new spouse have a memorable date at a salsa club? Consider hiring salsa dancers for your reception to dance right before or after guests eat. One of my girlfriends had West African dancers and drummers perform at her wedding reception and she even joined them at one point. It was very moving, provided great pictures and cost-friendly since the dancers were friends of her sisters. I discovered this African Dance Company online that performs at weddings often but calling up your local dance school and asking about student rates is an excellent and frugal-friendly alternative.

An important caveat: To avoid the risk of your wedding reception turning into a variety show (unless that is the goal), try sticking to a theme and stay focused when planning your entertainment.

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  1. I love this idea. Using entertainment to reflect who you are and your culture does double duty; Provide entertainment and celebrates your culture.

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