BRIGHT Idea! A Fab Way to Recycle Your Wedding Gown

Don't just let your wedding gown sit in storage!

Yesterday evening I met up with my girls for our annual holiday community service project. Before we got started, my friend who recently had her baby blessed distributed thank you cards in appreciation of all the gifts and support he received. She then revealed an amazing tid bit about the outfit he wore the day of his christening!

“My mother made Baby L’s christening outfit from my wedding dress,” said friend informed us. “Really??!!” we all replied in unison. Although we know her mom is a former home economics teacher and sweet as a toothache, it was still quite impressive. His little outfit was the cutest (Sorry I can’t post a pic of it but trust me on this one.) and it holds such amazing sentimental value. I think this is awesome!

Why not give more life to an item that (hopefully) holds precious memories for you and your family? It is also a cool story to tell your kid when they get older. Even if you or your mother can barely sew a button on properly, consider borrowing this idea for your own wedding gown. Research a local seamstress to do the deed. Perhaps you and your spouse don’t plan to have any children or your kids were already past christening-age when you tied the knot. Maybe you can use the tulle from your gown for your granddaughter’s veil, incorporate it into your niece’s cotillion dress or create a special tablecloth with it. Recycling your wedding gown also adds a “green” element to your big day long after that walk down the aisle.

What are you planning to do with your gown after the wedding? Have you even looked at your wedding dress since your nuptials? Do you like the idea of using a gown for a christening outfit?

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  1. Great idea, I am surprised more people don’t do this

  2. yup – that has always been my plan for my dress. i hope to somehow incorporate the veil in there too. its how i justify spending so much on that dress!! :)


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