Exclusive Q&A: Wedding Day Makeup with Andrea Fairweather

Veteran makeup artist Andrea Fairweather chats with Triple B about putting your best face forward on your wedding day!

Today’s featured expert is makeup artist Andrea Fairweather of Fairweather Faces. Andrea has been doing her thing for over 20 years and has provided her services to over 300 brides! But what makes this interview special is that I met Andrea as a college student over a decade ago. I was modeling in a hair show (Don’t judge me.) and Andrea was the makeup artist. As a dark skin woman, I was extremely skeptical about her choosing flattering shades for my complexion.

My skepticism was in vain because my makeup was just beautiful! Andrea did an awesome job, was professional and personable. Since then our paths have crossed many times; most memorably while I was an editor at ESSENCE magazine and she was booked for a variety of projects — even with the then editor-in-chief. Although she’s super busy, the beauty vet took the time to chat with Triple B about shiny T-zones, why drinking H2O is especially important for beach brides and her insider tips on booking a makeup artist for your wedding day.

Black Bridal Bliss: I know you’re NY-based but do you ever work with brides elsewhere?
Andrea Fairweather: Yes. I’ve provided my services for weddings in many other cities including LA, Chicago and Washington, DC. I’ve also traveled to Belize and even Italy for weddings.

BBB: Nice. What are the top three mistakes most women make when booking a makeup artist for their wedding?
Fairweather: 1) Not reviewing the makeup artist’s photographed work. Just seeing the live work is not enough. 2) Not understanding that more experienced makeup artists have higher rates; especially those that work with celebrities. In the end, you should go with your comfort level. 3) Not including their groom! It is just important for him to be prepped for the wedding.

BBB: Is it helpful for the same team to do the bride and the bridal party’s makeup? Why or why not?
Yes. The team will have a rhythm of how they work together and a shared vision of the end result. An outside artist may not be as open or flexible in the overall vision or rendering of services. Your wedding is not a day for shade but one for a peaceful and productive atmosphere.

BBB: How can brides avoid their T-zone from shining in their wedding day photos and videos?
Fairweather: The makeup artist can set the makeup to avoid T-zone shine. But if the makeup artist is not hired to stay during the photoshoot, then the bride can purchase blotting paper to control this.

A peek at Andrea's work in BRIDES mag.

BBB: What are three must-have products or services for brides to invest in for their big day?
Fairweather: 1) Facial (1 month prior to wedding), 2) Eyebrow Grooming and false eyelashes and 3) Fairweather Faces Makeup Brushes with Bridal Face Chart.

BBB: Do you have any tips for brides preparing to tie the knot on the beach or in a warmer climate?
Fairweather: Hydrate by drinking lots of water (begin at least three months prior to the wedding) to allow your skin to feel cool and require less makeup.

BBB: What are your budget makeup tips for women preparing to jump the broom?
Fairweather: If you’re scheduling a fall or winter wedding, the makeup artist does not have to stay as long (due to the colder weather). You probably won’t sweat as much, so you can cut costs in that area.

To contact Andrea for info on rates or to schedule a consultation, email her at: fftrbeauty@yahoo.com.

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