Real Housewives of ATL Wedding Recap!

The RHOATL's Cynthia & Peter are now husband and wife!

Admit it. You watched the train wreck also known as The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night. Well, I want to know what you thought of “The Wedding”. I’ll keep my opinions on Cynthia and Peter’s financial situation to myself. I’ve already made it clear on numerous occasions how I feel about people living beyond their means for a wedding. To each their own. They like it; I love it. But I will put this out there –know that vendors will offer up their products and services for significant discounts if not free for the right publicity. You do the math.

Here are my overall thoughts:
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Yipee! What a way to start the week, huh? I received this cool (and very unexpected) Versatile Blogger Award from Triple B Road to Mrs. alum Charli over at ManWifeandDog! Charli, again I am thankful and humbled by your kind words. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out Charli’s hilarious and candid musings on being a newlywed ASAP.

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The Road to Mrs. – My Bridal Show Survival Guide

Nadine gives the 411 on bridal shows.

If wedding planning season is in full swing, I clearly didn’t get the memo.

My Bridesmaid Tru: Hey Nay! The National Bridal Show is happening this weekend. Let me know if you want to check it out. Might be a great way for all the bridesmaids to get together. P.S. Brides-to-be are free!

Me: Hey, thanks for the email!  I heard about this and was going to send a note to you and the other girls. P.S. I love free!

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On Your Mind: New Traditions of Today’s Brides

What does today's bride truly want?

Happy Hump Day! Today I’m posting fun facts from my friends over at David’s Bridal. I’m receiving press releases and pitches from bridal-related businesses more and more (keep them coming!) but I try to be as discerning as possible and only share the stuff I feel is most relevant for your wants and needs. After all, that’s what separates Triple B from those katrillion other bridal sites on the World Wide Web, right? FULL DISCLAIMER: I have no idea how many Black women were surveyed to gather the below information but this stuff could be useful to you regardless.
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Tie the Knot Tuesday: Itia & Santoine

Itia & Santoine say "I Do" in a beautiful southern affair.

Bride: Itia Ayana Brown, 23
Groom: Santoine Geraldo Lee, 24
Occupations: Brown, preparing for medical school; Lee, software engineer
Homebase: Georgia
Wedding Date: September 4, 2010
Wedding Location: Ceremony: Emmanuel Community Church;  Reception: Cherokee Run Country Club, both in Conyers, Georgia

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Marriage Matters Monday: Sheona & Steve

I’m super excited about today’s Marriage Matters post! Steve and I have been buddies since high school. He and his wife inspire me immensely and in a few moments you’ll understand why.
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Friday Fun Find BEAULONI: Unique Bridal Accessories!

Learn more about this and other cutting-edge headpieces.

TGIF! I guess by now you guys can tell I’m a fan of alliteration. (hee, hee) Today’s post is short and sweet. I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about this bridal find since Tie the Knot Tuesday alum Dea introduced me to the fab company, Beauloni.

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The Road to Mrs. – Choosing Your Wedding Theme & Colors

Pantone's Color of the Year: Honeysuckle!

Last week Sean and I realized our original wedding theme and colors weren’t working. We felt the colors didn’t represent us. So over a good bottle of South African wine, I read up on the importance of theme and color and we regrouped. Sean happens to be a design guru — he has a degree in architecture. And as you remember from his “Sean-In-Law” video, he’s also quite the comedian. You can imagine how silly things got. To be fair, he’s very talented and has improved our living space, but when he gets in design mode…look out! You should see him in IKEA. I digress. Finding it hard to choose your theme or colors? Here’s what the experts say: [Read more...]

Tie the Knot Tuesday: Dee & Tory

All Eyes on Us - Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hunnicutt!

Bride: Kadija “Dee” Faison, 39
Groom: Tory Hunnicutt, 32
Occupations: Faison, accounting professional; Hunnicutt, home improvement business owner
Homebase: Washington, D.C.
Wedding Date: August 7, 2010
Wedding Location: Ceremony & Reception – Lake Presidential Golf Club; Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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Happy MLK Day from Triple B!

Hola! I’m sure most of you have the day off. (I don’t but I’m not complaining.) Continue to relax and enjoy. Triple B will be back at it tomorrow with Tie the Knot Tuesday but in the meantime, please take in the pic below of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his lovely bride Coretta on their wedding day. The historic couple wed on the lawn of her parent’s house in Alabama over 50 years ago. Alabama in the early 1950s was no easy place to be for Black folks but these two still look like they’re in pure bliss. As a mentor of mine recently said, “Black love is nothing if not resilient.”

Mr. & Mrs. King: June 18, 1953

[Image courtesy of]

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