Tie the Knot Tuesday: Dee & Tory

All Eyes on Us - Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hunnicutt!

Bride: Kadija “Dee” Faison, 39
Groom: Tory Hunnicutt, 32
Occupations: Faison, accounting professional; Hunnicutt, home improvement business owner
Homebase: Washington, D.C.
Wedding Date: August 7, 2010
Wedding Location: Ceremony & Reception – Lake Presidential Golf Club; Upper Marlboro, Maryland

A House is Not a Home Dee was in contract to purchase a home and contacted Tory — who was referred by her ex-husband — for the home inspection. Her male co-worker accompanied her to the inspection. Tory was attracted to Dee but assumed she was dating said co-worker. The house fell through but Dee didn’t give up. When she needed an inspector for the next home she planned to buy,  she called Tory for her inspection again. They clicked. Tory learned that Dee was in fact single and she discovered that he was in the midst of a painful separation. However, this time she got her house and a new friend. The possibilities were endless.

Time Heals All Wounds “We had this crazy connection,” recalls Dee of her early friendship with Tory. Their friendship blossomed and their connection was undeniable but the pair was faced with a dilemma. “A divorce is like a funeral. Emotionally I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship, I needed to heal,” explains Tory of his first marriage. He adds, “I told Dee, ‘I’m half a man right now.'” Because he knew Dee deserved all and not just a fraction of him, he suppressed his feelings for her until he was ready to commit fully.

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[All images (excluding honeymoon pic) by Leonard Poteat.]

We Belong Together Once Tory was ready to give Dee his all, she had reservations and feared she might be a rebound. “I wanted to make sure it was real,” she says. “But I was so much in love with Tory that I wanted the best for him whether we were together or not,” she adds. Tory admits why he was head over heels for Dee, “She’s so supportive and I couldn’t imagine anything we couldn’t get through together. She’s a good mother to her son and she treats my kids like her own.” So after all the bumpy false starts — and an awkward discussion about the future of their relationship — Tory asked Dee to be his wife. And she said yes!

Your Love Deserves an Encore Since it was a second marriage for them both (referred to as an “encore” wedding by bridal industry insiders), the couple wanted to keep their nuptials as low-key as possible. “Our goal was to keep the wedding simple, simple, simple,” says Dee but quickly adds an important caveat. “Sometimes simple is grand.” Their simple affair certainly didn’t lack style — from their African dancers and drummers during the ceremony to the breathtaking purple and white wedding cake at the reception, the Hunnicutt wedding was one to remember.

Dee’s Money-Saving Tips for Future Brides

Invest in Memories “I missed our African dancing and drumming because I wasn’t at the altar yet. I thought pictures would be enough but I wish I had those moments on video too,” Dee admits. Chances are you will have forgotten about the Christian Louboutins you maxed out your credit card for by your first wedding anniversary but a video clip of your grandfather delivering a speech at your reception is unquestionably timeless. Remember this and budget your wedding dollars wisely.

Simplicity Rocks! Dee explains, “Those rocks that held down the programs at our reception were understated and [cost-effective].” Remember,  sometimes simple is grand.

Quality Over Quantity “Hone in on one thing you really want and are willing to splurge on. Everything doesn’t have to be elaborate,” warns Dee. Don’t be surprised if that “thing” is an experience. She notes, “Our honeymoon was worth every penny. The entire hotel was built over water — we could see fish through the floor!”

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    1. So her ex-husband is the reason for them getting together? Hilarious! This was a real and beautiful story. God bless them and their marriage. By the way, the bride is gorgeous and could easily pass for 29!

    2. Let me find out that this gorgeous lady received a double portion of God’s blessings!! A home and an encore husband. This post gives me such inspiration and motivation to never stop praying and believing in the power of love.

    3. This was so beautiful. From the planning to the bride. Im from DC and planning to get married in July,so this was very inspiring. Thank you both fo sharing. And congrats.

    4. Cuzin Cookie says:

      This was beautiful.

    5. This is soooo beautiful!! Thank you guys for allowing me to share in your special day and serving as a true inspiration of of black love at its best!!

    6. Kadija, this is sooo beautiful!!! I thank you and Tory for allowing me to share that special day, it was BEAUTIFUL! I really appreciate you and Tory for the words of encouragement and motivation! Love you always your BFF, Coop

    7. Kim Bailey says:

      OMG, this is so Awesome!! You two are definitely made for each other. This was the best thing that I’ve seen yet featured in any magazine. I pray that God continues to bless you all and your marriage, and bless your family as welol. Much love to you both.

    8. Dee, I would like to CONGRATULATE you on your nuptials! I haven’t seen you in ages but, I’m so happy for you lady! I am recently divorced and had given up on the thought of loving again and the whole marriage thing. Your story and wedding photos have truly inspired me to continure to believe. I know everything happens for a reason and season. But, Coop didn’t send this to me by accident. GOD, has a plan for me and he wants me to continue to BELIEVE. Just the sharing of your nuptiasl have inspired me, once again to believe in LOVE and everything that comes with it! CONGRATS to you and your blessing from GOD. We have to hook up for ole time sake…lol! Love you and be BLESSED!

    9. I love the story and the pictures. Congrats!!

    10. roxane smith says:

      I love this story!! it’s special every time i hear it….it was a beautiful day for a beautiful coulple!! Dee, you were a beautiful bride and Tory, I thank God for you in her life…Enjoy!! the best is yet to come….

    11. M. Denise Lyon says:

      Tory, your Aunt Nisi here. I watched you grow from a tiny tot into a real man in every sense of the word. You and your business savvy are an inspiration to the entire family– and others as well. Your new bride is a perfect match for you in mind body and spirit, and absolutely gorgeous too. I know you will have wonderful life together for many years to come. See you soon. Love ‘ya and congratulations.


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