Real Housewives of ATL Wedding Recap!

The RHOATL's Cynthia & Peter are now husband and wife!

Admit it. You watched the train wreck also known as The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night. Well, I want to know what you thought of “The Wedding”. I’ll keep my opinions on Cynthia and Peter’s financial situation to myself. I’ve already made it clear on numerous occasions how I feel about people living beyond their means for a wedding. To each their own. They like it; I love it. But I will put this out there –know that vendors will offer up their products and services for significant discounts if not free for the right publicity. You do the math.

Here are my overall thoughts:

  • Cynthia’s dress was gorge! I like to see brides think outside the traditional box of white and and she looked smashing in her silver gown. I do think she should have considered a stud earring since the bow/neckline of her gown was already prominent around her face.
  • The idea of getting hitched in a museum is hot! Again, I like when folks think outside the box.
  • Ummmm….Cynthia’s mother and sister hiding her marriage certificate? Regardless of how they felt about Cynthia’s relationship with Peter, it was just wrong.

Okay, now I’ll let you guys express your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to go in.

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    1. I thought that it was a beautiful wedding but I agree that with her knowledge of financial strain that she should have benn more resourceful for location, vendors, etc. She could have had many things sponsored by businesses seeking to get exposure. Saving money would have also allowed her to get wedding bands. My question is “what was the rush?” I would have been inclined to plan longer. They could have done the justice of the piece and planned a reception later. Bravo pushed that. They should have paid for it too. LOL


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