BRIGHT Bridal Idea for Your Caterers!

Make sure you're not left starving on your wedding day.

Don’t you hate how you never get to truly eat the way you want to on special occasions because of the excitement of the day? (This happens to me every Thanksgiving.) Well imagine that excitement cubed. Now imagine it is your wedding day and practically everyone you love (and a professional photographer) is snapping your picture, asking you to pose with your new spouse, hugging you…dang, I’m tired just typing all this.

In the midst of ensuring the logistics of the day are in place you and your beloved might not get a chance to eat. And perhaps in the scheme of it all that doesn’t seem like a big deal. But if you have gone to the tastings and put so much thought and effort into choosing a menu, shouldn’t you enjoy it too? I think so which is why I had to share this little gem I recently read in a bridal mag:

Request that your caterer pack up two meals for you and your new husband to take to your room/home. If you didn’t get a chance to eat during the reception (which is very likely), you can do it then. And if you did, it will be a welcoming midnight snack.

Many of you reading this might have rolled your eyes thinking the above info is common sense but I challenge you to mention it to those who recently had a wedding and see if they don’t think the advice is gold!

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