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Tie The Knot Tuesday- Saharra & Gerald

The Kalyesubula's Dance into each others arms in Kampala, Uganda

Bride: Saharra Jovan White, 26
Gerald Kalyesubula, 26
White, Non-Profit Interactive Media Coordinator; Kaleysubula, Light Engineer & Dancer
: Los Angeles, CA and Kampala, Uganda
Wedding Date:
November 11, 2010
Wedding Location:
Kampala City, Uganda & The Nile River
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A Big Budget Bridal Bite: How to REALLY save money for your wedding day!

Are you a penny pinching bride-to-be?

Confession: I don’t have any get-rich quick schemes. But one of my goals for is to offer sound advice on having a dream wedding within one’s means. That is why in every Tie the Knot Tuesday profile I get real tips and tricks from the featured bride on ways that future brides can get the most bang for their bridal buck. I’ve also shared frugal advice on other occasions for those preparing to say ‘I Do” — one of my faves is this post.
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*NEW PICS ADDED!* Triple B EXCLUSIVE – Behind the Scenes at Niecy Nash’s Bridal Shower

Planner pro William flanked by bride-to-be Niecy Nash and her shower guests.

I’m so excited about today’s Q&A. As I’m sure you’ve heard, television personality Niecy Nash is preparing to tie the knot this May — the nuptials will be televised in a two-hour special on TLC. The comedic actress (I’ve met her and she’s hysterical!) had a fabulous  bridal shower in Los Angeles last Saturday. Triple B chatted with the man who made her GLAMTASTIC afternoon happen. William of WP Miller Special Events, Inc. spilled the beans on Nash’s shower — there was couture, cocktails and condoms — plus gave advice on planning an equally memorable event regardless of your budget.
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The Road to Mrs. – Fitness Tips for the Bride-to-Be

Resident bride-to-be Nadine fights to keep her fitness regime in tact for her wedding day (and after)!

The most important call a bride-to-be receives is probably the one to schedule their first dress fitting. After months of waiting, I’m expecting my call any day. I can’t wait to wear it again! Most brides prepare for their dress fittings by toning up or losing weight. I’ve been doing both: increasing fruits and veggies intake, avoiding fatty fried foods and even hitting the gym a few times a week. Although I love the results (7 inches so far!), because I’m petite and slim, I don’t want to lose any more weight or gain too much muscle. So I’m switching up my routine: more cardio and yoga.

Contrary to popular belief, this lifestyle change is about more than my dress or my wedding.  I turn 35 in May so it’s more about keeping a promise I made to myself on how I wanted to celebrate this milestone. Whatever your motivation, I hope these expert tips will help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.
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Cool Find!: Wedding Reception Childcare Services

Your search for wedding day childcare services is over!

The other day my girlfriend ranted on Facebook about someone’s unruly child at the hair salon. Her exact words were: “Parents: Keep your untamed, no good behavior having, wild a** kids home.” Now, before you go clutching your pearls…We’ve all said that (outloud or in our heads) at some point, whether we have children or not. And wedding receptions are definitely a place where children are likely to get bored, tired, hungry and just plain antsy. Yet, many couples don’t want to have adult-only receptions for a number of reasons.

Enter: Lil Tux N Tiaras Event Sitters!

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Marriage Matters Monday – Is Staying in Love a Choice?

Happy Monday! I checked out the WBLS-sponsored Bridal Expo at Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC on Saturday. I uncovered exciting new resources and connected with many (hopefully) new Triple B family members. While there I met and chatted up a photographer who shared that three of his wedding clients last year had hit splitsville before they even picked up their proofs! Is that bananas or what? It immediately reminded me of why I wanted a place on the site dedicated to marriage.

That gave me the final push I needed to share the below article by writer Alex Kuczynski. I read it in an issue of Harper’s Bazaar recently and was moved. FYI – I don’t know Alex from a can of paint but I dig this piece. Take your time and read in it’s entirety.

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Bridal Beauty: Fairweather Faces Video

Let celeb makeup artist Andrea get you camera ready for your wedding day!

Happy Friday! Remember this Q & A with makeup pro Andrea Fairweather? Well, the beauty veteran recently released a video dedicated to…wait for it…BRIDES! So now even if you can’t personally secure Andrea’s services for your wedding day or special event, she can still help you get that flawless face. View the video below [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – A Letter from Nadine

The freshly engaged Nadine in Cuba last August.

I should’ve written this post hours ago but Sean and I have been going back and forth discussing our wedding colors. OMG! Who knew colors could be so intense? Instead of trying to find colors we both agree on, I’m trying to gather my thoughts. Which brings me to the reason for this post.
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Wedding Family Matters

Weddings are usually joyous occasions but they can also cause pain.

The other day a good but frustrated friend told me about her cousin’s upcoming wedding. She was frustrated because her cousin (who I gathered is in her mid to late 30s) didn’t invite my friend or her immediate family to her wedding. My friend explained that most of her frustration came from seeing her mother (the cousin’s aunt) hurt – her mom had been very close to said cousin. She explained how her mother frequently and happily allowed this same cousin to stop by during her college days for a home cooked meal and to do laundry when she didn’t have the time or resources to travel home. My friend’s mom also advised this cousin on matters of the heart when she didn’t feel comfortable confiding in her own mother.

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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Rashida & Ben, Part Deux

Newlyweds and Tie the Knot Tuesday alums are sharing their awesome wedding "first dance" video with Triple B!

Last week’s Tie the Knot featured couple Rashida and Ben are back! And this week they’re sharing a very special video of their First Dance as husband and wife with Triple B. No long introductions needed for this one. View the video here until I figure out how to properly embed it below. (UGH!) You should also take a look at the creative couple’s Save the Date video which is equally as enjoyable. Be sure to leave a comment with your feedback as I’m sure you’ll have some after viewing this — definitely watch it until the end.

For insider tips on selecting the perfect videographer for your big day, check this out !

Take a look at past Tie the Knot Tuesday features here.

***Did you or someone you know recently tie the knot? Complete this brief form and the wedding just might be featured in an upcoming Black Bridal Bliss feature!***

Fashion Friday – Matthew Williamson OFFICIALLY Does Bridal!

Matthew Williamson Goes Bridal!

Those darn Brits…They gave us fish & chips, Topshop and now the Bridal Collection from Matthew Williamson! (They’re responsible for a bunch of other not-so nice things too but I digress.)
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The Road to Mrs. – Long Distance Wedding Planning

Nadine and her fiance Sean don't always have the luxury of planning their wedding in the same country.

Last week Sean and I updated you on our wedding plans. Hours after our video posted on BBB, Sean headed to the UK for work. By Saturday, I sent him this Facebook message, “Mayday! Mayday! I’m surrounded by wires and trying to figure out which cable wire goes into the TV.  Missing you very much right now. When you get a chance can you send me an email with instructions? Thx!”

To be clear, I’m not some damsel in distress. I’m used to Sean’s traveling but I hate having to deal with household chores he’d usually handle, such as changing high ceiling light bulbs or moving anything really heavy. Thanks to Skype I was able to solve my dilemma, which got me thinking about engaged couples that have to plan their wedding long distance or are planning a destination wedding. If your wedding ceremony is far from home or if you and your fiancé can’t plan the wedding together, things can get sticky. Here’s a few tips that may help:

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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Rashida & Ben

California Love: Meet The Ilegbodus!

Bride: Rashida Bridges, 25
Groom: Benahi “Ben” Ilegbodu, 27
Occupations: Bridges, strategic consultant; Ilegbodu, web developer
Homebase: California
Wedding Date: September 5, 2010
Wedding Location: Ceremony: Abundant Life Christian Fellowship; Mountainview, CA Reception: Biltmore Hotel; Santa Clara, CA

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Wedding Rules – What to Keep and What to Toss

Are today's brides really following these rules?

I recently stumbled across a list of wedding etiquette mantras while doing some research for Triple B and came to the conclusion that most of them were simply archaic. I thought to myself, ‘Are people really still doing this stuff and if so…why?’ Check out my list of The Top 5 Outdated Wedding Rules and then weigh in on whether or not you agree. And oh yeah, Happy Monday!
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The Road to Mrs. – Nadine & Sean’s Wedding Update Video

Triple B's Road to Mrs. blogger Nadine and her fiance Sean share another HILARIOUS video with us.

Howdy! Triple B’s resident bride-to-be Nadine has granted us another hilarious video with her fiance, Sean. You remember how funny their first one was, right? Well, be prepared to laugh some more. They’re giving an update on their wedding invitations, photographer and videographer bookings and even…speedboats. These two are a certified hoot — their chemistry is palpable. Enjoy!

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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Fay & William

Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar! Share their love.

Bride: Fay Reynolds, 28
Groom: William Dunbar, 26
Occupations: Reynolds, recruitment manager; Dunbar, education program director
Homebase: Pennsylvania
Wedding Date: September 25, 2010
Wedding Location: Ceremony: Bright Hope Baptist Church; Reception: Crowne Plaza Hotel (both in Philadelphia)

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