Friday Film Review: Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom hits theaters May 6!

Happy Friday! I’m still on a little high from the Jumping the Broom screening I attended last week. The film officially hits theaters May 6. In short JTB is a cute romantic dramedy that will surely become one of your fave feel-good flicks. Are there any predictable and corny scenes? Absolutely. But overall I think director Salim Akil did a stellar job. I won’t give all the details of the movie away (that would be rude) but I have compiled the Triple B highlights for you here:

  • Tie the Knot Tuesday alums Erika and Terence have a cameo during the opening credits of the film! Can you say excited? Seeing their picture on the big screen gave me my own little piece of bliss.
  • The opening credits are actually one of my favorite parts of the film because it includes dozens of wedding day photos from couples that we “know” like the Obamas to “regular folks”. The pics range from very old to very recent. If you’re someone who appreciates the value of photographs telling a story, it will definitely resonate.
  • Jumping the Broom is obviously about a couple getting married and they experience their own bit of drama, but I challenge you to look beyond the obvious and appreciate the other important stories that are being told in the film. For example, Black mothers are often criticized for “raising their daughters and loving their sons” — this film definitely tackles that theory.
  • The movie also tackles uncomfortable yet real issues like money (or lack of it), infertility and painful family secrets that can end marriages; or strengthen them. But don’t worry — there’s lots of laughs mixed in between the heavy stuff.
  • Watching JTB reminded me of why I became a bridal junkie in the first place. Whether they cost $5,000 or $50,000, there is no other event in life that fuses tradition, food, dancing, the celebration of love, style and the fellowship of loved ones for a happy occasion (unlike funerals). No two are exactly the same yet they all have a bit of familiarity to them.
  • The entire cast did a pretty good job but the stand-out actors to me were Loretta Devine, Angela Bassett (but is that really a surprise?), Mike Epps (he’s hilarious as usual but not over the top) and Tasha Smith. Oh and ladies…Romeo (rapper Master P’s son) has grown up. Um…yeah.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Good write up! I wasn’t really interested in seeing it, but now I think I will!


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