Short Hair Options for Brides

Actress Malinda Williams rocked a short, sulty 'do with a mid-length veil on her wedding day.

Last week when Road to Mrs. blogger Nadine expressed her frustration regarding the limited hairstyle choices for brides with short hair, I knew other planning brides must have been experiencing the same issue. So below are a few styles that are Triple B wedding day worthy for both relaxed (or blow-dried/flat ironed straight) and natural hair. Feel free to print these images out and take them to the salon, ladies!

Rumor has it that newlywed Monica will have her own wedding this summer but on her video shoot here she played the picture perfect bride wearing an updated mohawk.

This model's cute curly fro is actually not "short" but is included to further illustrate that long, flowing waves or traditional updos aren't the only way for a bride to go when selecting a hairstyle.

She might be single as a dollar bill but that doesn't mean Rihanna's funky yet feminine barrel curled 'do can't be inspiration for your nuptials.

Handmade accessories from Beauloni make this twist-out style anything but basic. A hint of auburn color completes this look.

A jeweled headband beautifully accentuates this short bob that has a mod 1960s vibe.

Short-haired brides, the ultimate choice is yours but be encouraged to strut down the aisle with a pixie-cut, chin-length bob or curly fro. From my very unofficial research, brides (and their spouses) are most happy when they look like a glammed-up version of their usual self. If you normally wear your hair in a Halle Berry inspired cut, don’t feel obligated to get a Beyonce-esque weave past your bra strap for your wedding day. However a track or two to enhance your current look certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone — your stylist will advise you on what is best for your face shape, veil if you opt for one and your gown. Whatever hairstyle you eventually choose, be sure to own it because confidence is by far our best accessory!

*BONUS* Take a moment to view my homie Nana’s gorgeous wedding trailer. There’s a ton of bridal inspiration in it and she effortlessly rocked a sleek asymmetric short cut that nearly two years after her big day still looks fresh and modern.

Which of the above is your favorite style for a bride and why?

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Rihanna –
Twist-out –
Short bob –

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    1. The curly fro style first caught my eye. It is very youthful and fun for a wedding day hairstyle. Malinda’s (Bird’s, lol) hair is always so sleek and laid, always! She makes me want to cut my hair off just like hers each time that I see her.

    2. Who sings that song on the Nana and Aki wedding i love it

    3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      The singer featured in the wedding trailer is Porshe Smith and the song title is Daydreamin’. Funny enough, she was an intern at my former job and I had no idea she could sing! Here’s a link to purchase the song:–178710687

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