Triple B’s Top 6 Bridal Trends from the Royal Wedding

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I know, I know…You’re over the Royal Wedding or perhaps were never into it. Unlike most bridal blogs, Triple B has been mum on the “wedding of the century” until now. The reasons why are pretty obvious. But realistically whether you like it or not, everyone (yes, everyone) who is in a wedding for the next twenty-plus years will be influenced in some capacity by the nuptials of Will and Kate. Because guess what? Even if you couldn’t care less, your vendors certainly do. So, below are Triple B’s top 6 bridal trends from the Royal Wedding:

Long sleeve dresses Kate opted for a Grace Kelly inspired Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown with long lace sleeves. Trust that everyone from Vera Wang to David’s Bridal has already knocked off this gown and will be marketing versions of it to you in the coming months.

Bridesmaids wearing white Pippa, Kate’s younger sister and only adult bridesmaid wore white which many Americans consider taboo. This is actually common in the U.K. and I predict that this will become more common here in the States, too. (By the way, Pippa looked equally as fab as her big sis in her satin, cowl neck, bias-cut gown.)

Colored stones in engagement rings While this was already popular with many folks, I suspect more ladies will be hinting to their significant others that they would like a splash of color in their bling when the big question is popped. Mark my words…

Friday afternoon weddings I have been preaching the financial benefits of jumping the broom on Fridays and/or Sundays since Triple B launched. However since the Royal Wedding took place on a Friday afternoon (for reasons having nothing to do with money) I know a lot more couples will consider this for their own big day.

Casual chic reception looks Kate changed into another McQueen dress for her reception and topped the satin gown with a mohair shrunken cardigan. It was so Michelle Obama — I loved it! Future brides can recreate similar looks with inexpensive sweaters from the mall or possibly already hanging in their closets.

Tiaras “Commoners” on this side of the pond have been wearing tiaras for their strut down the aisle for decades but they will inevitably experience a surge in popularity in the coming months.

***If you still don’t believe that mainstream popular culture can have a universal effect on brides, just think about the colored shoe trend that soared and is still popular post Carrie Bradshaw’s on-screen wedding three years ago in Sex and the City.

So, what do you think of the Triple B predictions? Did I forget anything? Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

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    1. Roxann Reid says:

      I am getting married on June 11, 2011. I am wearing an Ivory gown and my bridesmaids will also be wearing Ivory. As a matter of fact most of my family will be wearing Ivory. I think think that it will look beautiful with my candlelight motif.

    2. I loved Kate’s dress. I immediately identified it as an inspiration of Grace Kelly’s dress (she killed the royal bride game when she became Princess of Monaco, period), and it’s one of my favorites! I don’t know if many brides will go for the long sleeves more so than the lace. That was the first thing that caught my eye when she stepped out of her car. I love lace!

      Though the dress is gorgeous, I’ve seen the style many times, and it takes a certain look to really pull it off, and she has it.

    3. I requested a colored stone for an engagement ring way before Will and Kate became engaged. My significant other said people would think he was cheap and couldnt afford a diamond, even though it what I really want. He even had a friend back him up saying it would look like costume jewelry. I am glad the “Royal Couple” made it fashionable. Now maybe I will get what I want.

    4. Andrea says:

      I am wearing a blush pink Vera Wang gown for my wedding and all of my bridesmaids are wearing blush pink gowns trimmed in black lace. I think the monochromatic feel will look great! I have had some push back from my best friend who thinks the bride should be the only one in her gown color but I’m already pushing the envelope by wearing a pink dress. Why not go all the way?


    1. […] As predicted, the Royal wedding started a slew of trends in the bridal market. Two big ones that DB honed in on are gowns with lace bodices and white bridesmaids dresses. *Fascinators are also prevalent in this collection. […]

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