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(Not Quite) Tie the Knot Tuesday – Stephanie & Kenneth

Big Love in the Big Easy!

Please enjoy today’s gorge engagement session with nearlyweds Stephanie and Kenneth. This e-session was shot in the festive city of New Orleans! A heartfelt thanks to special events planner Lory Leigh of Pink Pizza Events for sending this lovely couple my way.
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Marriage Matters Monday: Book Bonanza

Happy Monday, y’all! I’m tapping into my friends over at for today’s post. They recently featured a piece by founders Ronnie and Lamar on helpful books for married couples. Check it out:


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The Road to Mrs. – Nadine & Sean’s Love Shoot

Our resident bride-to-be shares her gorgeous e-session pics!

Hey Triple B! Need to relieve wedding planning stress? Try a beachside love shoot! If you know our story, then our beach location should come as no surprise. It’s where we got engaged and is our favourite place to be on a beautiful day. Last Saturday we headed to one of the best beaches in Toronto, Ashbridge’s Bay. It was important for us to have our good friend and Sean’s best man Jose Roldan capture the moment. Special thanks as well to my friend, the multi-talented Natasha Waterman for doing my hair and makeup. And I’ve been instructed by Sean to send a very special shout out to our camera, the Canon Rebel T2i which Jose used to take our photos. Yes, you read that right…our camera. I mean who sends a shout out to their camera? Sean said all the guys out there would get it. Sigh…

Enjoy the photos!

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Bridal Beauty Booty!

Triple B is in the press again! Yes, this is a shameless plug but danggit I’m proud. I was the market editor and writer of a piece entitled Marriage Material that appears in the current (August 2011) issue of JUICY magazine. There are a dozen or so beauty products featured, all items to help the bride-to-be get beautified on her big day. Click on the image to see an enlarged version. Enjoy and be sure to leave me a comment with the products you like (or want to try) the most.

And a big shout to makeup artist AJ Crimson who came through at the 11th hour for this story. His lip gloss line with Keisha Whitaker, Kissable Couture, is one of my faves.

FYI…I also pen the Iconic Hair page for JUICY every month.

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Lesley & Kamau


The Wares Say "I Do" in a Beautiful & Intimate Brooklyn Affair

Bride: Lesley Williams, 33
Groom: Kamau Ware, 36
Occupations: Lesley, fashion blogger; Kamau photographer
Homebase: New York
Wedding Date: April 30, 2011
Wedding location: ceremony and reception: Serentiy at Home Guest House, Brooklyn, NY
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Did You Know…Stress-Free Name Changing

Maybe going from Miss to Mrs. just got a little easier...

TGIF! Someone alerted me to this site a little while ago and I of course wanted to share with you guys. I figured anything to help make your life easier after saying “I Do” could be beneficial to Triple B. The Web site claims to be able to help you start your married life off with less paperwork and more time to enjoy the bliss of being a new wife.
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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Rasheeda & Cory

Love, ATL Style: Meet The Garners

Bride: Rasheeda Shears, 27
Groom: Cory Garner, 31
Occupations: Shears, real estate professional; Garner, human resources manager
Homebase: Georgia
Wedding Date: March 19, 2011
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: Odd Fellows Building in the Atrium at Sweet Auburn, Atlanta, GA

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Marriage Matters Monday: Desiree & Craig

Marriage Matters Presents: The Hodges!

I’ve always felt the following went without saying but here goes: The only people who truly know what’s going on in a marriage are the two in it. Period. Still, I get sheer joy from featuring those (seemingly) happy marriages of Black women who are rarely portrayed on the big and small screen, on the radio, in magazines and on the Web. As you’ve noticed with previous Marriage Matters couples, I purposely highlight folks that are  “young” yet have been married a decade or longer because they’ve passed the honeymoon stage of wedded bliss but can still relate to you nearlyweds and newlyweds.
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Tie the Knot Tuesday – Michelle & Michael

In Love & Brooklyn Bound: Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Stearne

Bride: Michelle Marie Robinson, 37
Groom: Michael John Stearne, 37
Occupations: Robinson, magazine advertising sales director; Stearne, information architect
Homebase: New York
Wedding Date: October 10, 2010
Wedding Location: ceremony: Queen of All Saints Church; reception: Brooklyn Academy of Music, both in Brooklyn, New York

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