The Road to Mrs. – Nadine & Sean’s Love Shoot

Our resident bride-to-be shares her gorgeous e-session pics!

Hey Triple B! Need to relieve wedding planning stress? Try a beachside love shoot! If you know our story, then our beach location should come as no surprise. It’s where we got engaged and is our favourite place to be on a beautiful day. Last Saturday we headed to one of the best beaches in Toronto, Ashbridge’s Bay. It was important for us to have our good friend and Sean’s best man Jose Roldan capture the moment. Special thanks as well to my friend, the multi-talented Natasha Waterman for doing my hair and makeup. And I’ve been instructed by Sean to send a very special shout out to our camera, the Canon Rebel T2i which Jose used to take our photos. Yes, you read that right…our camera. I mean who sends a shout out to their camera? Sean said all the guys out there would get it. Sigh…

Enjoy the photos!

When I Look at You

Side by Side


Precious Moments

I'm a Force When We're Together

A Couple That Laughs Together...

Lean on Me

 What did you think of Nadine and Sean’s pictures? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment with your thoughts. And if you’re searching for more fun e-session ideas, check out this post.

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  1. Gorgeous! And so ironic b/c my fiancé and I are doing some wedding filming with our videographer at Ashbridge’s Bay this week!

    Beautiful pics, and an extra thumbs up for fellow Torontonians!

  2. ur future husband could pass for drake or atleast his older brother!

  3. Avatar Cheryl Kydd says:

    Sean & Nadine,

    What an amazing couple, a love story that is still unfolding. Beautiful pictures that truly capture the essence of your love and friendship as if all those that love and care for you were right there to watch.

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring love story.


  4. …lol! Yes I get the ‘bootleg Drake’ thing all the time! My bride to be looks stunning in these photos, and the key to getting her to laugh was to quote lines from our favorite comedic movie ‘Step Brothers’ and to tell her to ‘STOP WEARING MY SOCKS’. Works every time! Keep smiling baby…and looking hott! …..and smelling great!…and making that shrimp creole dish!…and kissing me in the morning…(but not open mouth cause the whole morning breath thing)…and the whole sock thing has to stop…….but the key is to keep smiling! (and stop wearing my undershirts).

    Thatisall. ;)

  5. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Your pictures are sooooooooooo beautiful. Be bless.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    @Bee: Hey fellow Torontonian! Big congrats! Hope your filming went well. Wasn’t the weather just perfect!

    @C.C.: He gets that all the time. :-)

    @Cheryl: You were one of the few people that saw it from the very beginning. Such beautiful words! Thank you!

    @Anonymous: Thanks so much!

    @Sean: LMAO! Thanks for the love, the jokes & the hotness baby! The day you stop eating all my food, drinking all my soy milk, using my hair brush, & “hot boxing” me is day I’ll stop wearing your socks & undershirts. xoxo :-)

  7. These pictures are simply stunning. Nadine, you are a gorgeous bride-to-be! And Sean, you look pretty dapper, my friend. I don’t think I can pick a favorite photo because they’re all sooo beautiful! The pics do such a good job at capturing the essence of the love you share :)

    Be Blessed always!



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