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HAPPY FRIDAY! Please enjoy today’s post courtesy of Columbia University graduate student, Danielle Hester. Remember how I gushed over this proposal video? Well, just wait until you view what Danielle dug up for us! Danielle is a true go-getter so please show her some Triple B love with a comment on her top YouTube proposal picks. 

A few months ago, a wedding proposal video titled “Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!” received over 17,000,000 YouTube views. Have you seen it? The girlfriend, Ginny, goes to the movies to see “Fast Five.” During the previews, a trailer of her boyfriend, Matt, talking to her father about marriage appears on the scene. From there, the events lead Matt to Ginny where he proposals at the theater in front of everyone. It’s quite amazing!

After seeing it, I thought what creative ways have Black brides been proposed to…And how many of these proposals are posted for the world to see? I must admit, finding videos featuring Black women were hard. But I think I managed to round up a pretty good list. Check out these proposals uploaded on YouTube. What do you think of them?

1). Holly has thrown her boyfriend Courtney a birthday party. Little does she know, Courtney has planned something as well. Listen to the comments made in the background. I love when Holly says, “Ya’ll spilled Champagne on my ring!”

2). This isn’t quite a proposal video, but it’s very creative. After dating for 9 years, Eddy finally decided to pop the question. For the couple’s “save the dates” they put together this mini trailer recreating the events that lead up to their engagement. I love their personalities.

3). After dating for a year, this couple knew they were right for each other. As the groom says, “I feel like I met my soul mate a year ago today and I haven’t looked back sense.” Sometimes when it’s right, you just know.

4). There’s something so appealing about a man who loves the Lawrd! I love that this future groom acknowledged God in joining the couple together. In his love struck words, “This is my angel, my backbone, my everything, who I love the most. I pray everyday for having this person in my life. I truly thank God.”

5). Sometimes simplicity goes a long way. This husband-to-be didn’t do anything over the top, and his speech wasn’t the best, but there’s something so genuine about his love for this woman. I also love the scenery.


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    1. #3 is my favorite. It was so pure. You can tell how strong their love/feelings are for one another. Oh and nice selections Danielle.

    2. Awww! I Love them all. But I think #1 and #3 are my favorites!

    3. You have to add this one to the list – I just died…and to think he learned French!!


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