EXCLUSIVE Budget Bridal Decorating Tips from David Tutera!

Me & David Tutera talking about his Triple B exclusive

Remember when I told you guys I met celebrity wedding planner David Tutera at the Chris Paul/Jada Crawley wedding? And remember when I promised an exclusive Q&A with Tutera here on Triple B? Well, promise kept — here you go! Keep reading for the event planning veteran and star of WE’s My Fair Wedding’s expertise on budget bling, the truth on favors and the importance of music at your reception.
BlackBridalBliss.com: What are 3 common mistakes you notice nearlyweds make when planning their nuptials?
David Tutera: 1) A huge mistake I’ve seen brides make is not paying attention to their guests and the importance of their comfort. Your guests’ comfort needs to be just as important as a gorgeous wedding. 2) Music. The music selection and order need to be planned out just like a wedding day itinerary. It’s like a well-choreographed play — you want to have highs and lows. You want the music to create the energy. You need to orchestrate the playlist so you can dictate the energy for your guests over the course of the night to keep them at ease and energized. 3) And a very simple one that I think people just overlook is that I want to hear the bride and groom say something at their wedding. It would surprise you how often this doesn’t happen. They should make a toast and thank their guests for being there. It also helps add to the personality of the wedding.

BBB: Many brides are into sparkle and would like to add elements of bling into their big day without going broke. What are your suggestions for pulling this off?
Tutera: There’s help through my line at Joann’s Fabrics & Crafts. You can add inexpensive bling to your bouquet in various ways, such as using adhesive bling to wrap the bouquet handle or adding faux diamond studs to accent the center of the flowers. I also have faux crystal rope pendants which are great for hanging from floral centerpieces, the outside of glass candle votives and the backs of chairs.

Bling on a Budget courtesy of David Tutera

BBB: Fresh flowers can be a huge chunk of a wedding budget. What are some alternatives to flowers for those couples heading to the altar that are cash-strapped?
Tutera: An abundance of inexpensive candles on a table with scattered flower petals will still look beautiful. And unlike traditional floral centerpieces that get tossed out at the end of the night, you can take the candles home and use them for a future celebration or even place them around your home. Also, an eco-friendly option is to place small clusters of potted plants in the middle of the table. You can then paint the pots or wrap them in fabric to match the color scheme of the wedding. And they can become the favor that you ask your guests to take home at the end of the night and plant as memory of the event.

BBB: Do you have any unique favor ideas that aren’t cheesy?
Tutera: Refer to the plants in my suggestion above! But really, favors are not a necessity. Although, a great idea for a favor that would fit the most modest of budgets is your grandma’s favorite cookies and recipe–being sure to explain where it came from of course. It’s a great way to share a part of your story, as well as possibly having someone who’s no longer with you be a part of the wedding. I like touches like that–anything you can do that helps tell your guests more about yourself and groom.

BBB: Most resorts in popular wedding destinations have on-site special event planners. What are your tips for a non-cookie cutter destination wedding in one of these locales.
Tutera: You have to embrace the destination you’re in. Don’t try to have a funky wedding in Italy–embrace the wines, the people and the food. That’s what your guests want! It’s a mini-vacation for them, so don’t try to turn it into something different that they’re not expecting. It’s the hidden surprises you want to give them that make them feel like they have an insider’s feel to the destination.

You can catch Tutera on season 5 of  My Fair Wedding which premieres on WE tv this Sun, Nov. 13 at 9/8c!

Get a glimpse of David in action!

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  1. Avatar Nina Burke says:

    Thanks for the tips Bridge! Duely noted. Now, I need a hook up at J.Crew!!! =)

  2. I completely agree on the playlist selection. Unless you’re going to have a world class DJ :P you better make sure you pick the right playlist and song selection :D

    -Sally Mars

  3. I have planned a wedding several times and always back out due to financial concerns. I’m not asking or wanting the fairytale wedding that all women like i just want something nice and affordable , i watch your show a lot and dream of having something like that but it’s only dream anyway i think about it all the time and hopefully one day i will have my dream wedding so until then i will continue to watch and cry along with all those beauitul brides.


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