Check This Out! – Marriage Matters Video

Unfortunately our resident bride-to-be Jene is sick and was unable to write her post this week. Feel better, Jene! Hopefully she’ll be back next week, rested up and ready to take us further along on her wedding planning journey.

In the meantime, please check out the below video trailer that Lamar over at Black and Married with Kids shared with me. It features the soulful R&B duo Kindred discussing the apex of marriage. Very enlightening; especially because I was one of those people who used to think that getting married was the relationship finish line so to speak — hey, I’m being honest. How refreshing is it to see modern Black married couples openly speak on the highs and lows of marriage in a way that isn’t pompous or judgmental?

The complete video is on sale beginning May 1st and promises to include a diverse group of couples to provide transparent and insightful conversation about what it takes to have lasting power in current day marriages. Through infidelity, chronic illness, financial crisis and more these couples explain why and how they are still standing.

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