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Bride-to-be Jene sometimes wears her naturally curly 'do...

I know this is a break from my norm, but this week I would like to expound on another Triple B entry: Wedding Day Hair Drama: Natural Versus Straight. About three years ago I made the decision to get off the “creamy crack” and go natural. I would tell anyone who would listen; my ultimate goal was to have a big Jill Scott afro. 

            Shawn and I were already dating at the time, and the subject of doing the “big chop” was a bone of contention. He is a hair guy, and was adamantly against me cutting mine off. I researched and read all the blogs, which stated BC-ing was the fastest most efficient way to rid your hair of chemical dependency. However, out of respect for my man and embracing the fact that men are visual creatures I took the road less traveled. I conditioned and trimmed regularly. I used transitional styles until my tresses were relaxer free. Besides I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a TWA (teeny weeny afro) myself.

            For me, going natural was the best decision. I completely understand that it is a personal choice, unique to the individual. Everyone is not ready or willing to embrace their natural curl pattern and it’s okay if you’re not. I am not a natural hair elitist, until I was ready myself I would have shunned the idea.

            One thing about me, when it comes to hair styling I can be very schizophrenic. This is true for when I was relaxing until now. I become bored easily. I have experimented with color, cuts and now texture. I can honestly say I have no preference when deciding curly or straight. I will rock my big hair afro one week, and get it blown out the next. I appreciate the versatility being natural affords me, so I tend to go with whatever  mood I’m in, oh and whatever the weather forecast says too. Let’s face it, I am not dropping cash in the salon to blow out my hair, just to have mother-nature curl it back. That’s a decision based purely on economics.

...and sometimes she opts to wear her hair blown straight, in a loose roller set! How will she ultimately decide to wear it on her wedding day? The choice is hers!

            As far as my wedding day is concerned I haven’t made up my mind for my own style. My wedding party runs the gamete, one or my bridemaids has a TWA dyed blonde, another wears a short relaxed coif and my daughter who is my maid of honor is a weave queen. As long as everyone is neat and presentable there personal style is their own. I have no intentions on changing anyone. My plan is to let my mood make the decision for me; it has yet to fail me thus far, so why mess with a winning formula. I know tradition and social pressure would lean towards deciding to straighten.  However that is the least of my concerns. I have never been the social norm peer pressure kind of girl. So if I decide to wear it straight that day it will have nothing to do with that and everything to do with my own personal choice.

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