You Oughta Know: La Bella Vita Designs

A pic of La Bella Vita's table display I snapped at Fallon Carter's bridal speed dating event!

At last week’s bridal speed dating event hosted by Fallon Carter Weddings, I learned of a neat company that produces¬†super chic cake/cupcake toppers called La Bella Vita Designs. LVB Designs was started by New Orleans native Ashley Cook who has a self-proclaimed penchant for all things fabulous.









Cook uses Swarovski crystals in her hand-crafted designs which make them such a sparkly treat to look at on a cake or cupcake. I think the woman in the style featured in the upper left pic is adorable but that is just one of many styles you can choose from. View the complete collection here. The “Put a Ring on It” and “Catwalk Stiletto” cupcake toppers are perfect for a bridal shower, no?! There are more subtle styles for couples to use on their wedding day but don’t worry, Cook steers away from anything ordinary. These babies are not what most would call “inexpensive” for those on a tight budget (hey, it is what it is) but I do think the prices reflect the uniqueness and style of the product.

If you decide to purchase a LBV Designs topper; you know the drill…be sure to mention Triple B sent ya!

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