The Road to Mrs. – Wedding Planning Highs and Lows

Triple B's resident bride-to-be dancing the night away! Her teenage daughter and maid of honor thinks she's "spicy" and wouldn't you agree?

Success! God is good, and prayer works.  My bridal party has been successfully outfitted. The second outing with my bridesmaids went better than I could have hoped. So well in fact, that within an hour and a half all three ladies were in agreeance, fitted and had their dresses ordered. Yay!

Now it’s my turn, I currently have two dresses, one that is too big and one that is too small. The small one was given to me by a friend and is absolutely beautiful. It serves as my weight loss inspiration, however I have to be realistic. I can’t wait too long or I may have nothing. The dress that’s too big, I adore. My plan is to have it sized down, however my teenager is encouraging me to continue looking. When I tried it on, her response was less than enthusiastic and complementary at the same time. Let me explain. After I put on the dress and revealed myself in all my bridedom she says, “Its pretty. Even though it’s too big I can see how nice it will look on you. If this is the dress you wear on your wedding day you will look beautiful, but…” But, but, did she just say but? Nothing good ever follows but. Panic began setting in. She continues, “ I think you are playing it safe. You have a nice shape and can pull off a spicier look. You’re still spicy and you are making a safe choice.”

Okay lets take that all in. My teenage daughter just paid me an unsolicited compliment.  As a thirty plus year old woman, knocking on forty, having my daughter see me as spicy is a euphoria that is indescribable. So never mind that she gave the dress I was in love with less that rave reviews. Never mind it will send me back to square one in dress shopping. My baby thinks I still got it. Who knew? I was super siked.

This upcoming Saturday my undercover cheerleader and I have an appointment at a bridal salon. I have chosen to forego the entourage to the bridal shop and just take my baby girl. I know I will get an honest, supportive answer from her. Having a grown-up relationship with the child I raised. Priceless.

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  1. Jene aka Spicy!

  2. Jene I love love love this blog!! Having know you and your baby girl ( I won’t try to spell her name and get it wrong and have her mad at me lol!!) a short time, I am very proud of the young woman she has become, and also proud of the way you raised her. I am sure the dynamic duo will find a dress that will have your groom cyring as you walk down the asile (smile). Keep up the great work!

  3. spell check * aisle* sorry

  4. Avatar Lynquay says:

    I haven’t seen the dress but I agree with your daughter. You don’t want a “nice” dress you want a dress that fits your personality. You will know the dress when you try it on trust me. I can ‘t explain the feeling but you will know it when you see it and try it on. Also it is good your daughter is coming along with you because you need that person to tell you the truth. The ppl @ the bridal store will sell you a trash bag and say you look good in it…lol Happy shopping

  5. I agree with your daughter. Of course you want to be comfortable BUT your wedding day is possibly one the days that you can go all out and look your most fabulous amazing version of yourself.

  6. Jene, Congratulations on your pending nuptuals and I am so happy to hear you speak of your relationship with your daughter. I am further inspired by you to welcome our young women into the fold when making grown-woman, life affirming decisions such as the selection of a wedding dress which exudes “Spice”! Be blessed!

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