Triple B Needs YOUR Feedback!

Hola! Yesterday I received a tweet from a former colleague that made my day. It read: “Thank you for keeping the site going! These images are necessary. I love the pics in today’s Tie the Knot Tuesday wedding. ” See why that made my day? And now it is your turn!

Many of you have also tweeted me, emailed me, left a comment on the Triple B Facebook page or shared verbally in passing that Black Bridal Bliss has given you something special. So now I need a favor from you. Please email me at the ways that this site has inspired, motivated or encouraged you. No expression is too small or too long. Be sure to include your first name and city of residence. Know that I’m not collecting these testimonies for kicks and giggles but rather for a much bigger Triple B related project. Many thanks in advance for helping to take Triple B to the next level.

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  1. Avatar Daina Troy says:

    When Kevin and I got married, we knew it would be a small affair. Being on the site allowed us to share our story with everyone that cared about us even if we could not have them at the ceremony. I work with college students and I must say I am invested in each and every one of them and I wish them great love and success. I am not sure if everyone had this experience, but college can be hard for love. But my students were able to look at our story on BBB and see other stories. They reported back to me, men and women, “You all make me believe in love.” That’s what it’s all about! Black love is real.

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