You Oughta Know – Happily Ever Borrowed

Wedding planner Fallon Carter shines in a jeweled headpiece and blinged-out earrings from Happily Ever Borrowed.

Triple B’s resident bride-to-be Jene is unable to post this week. (Quickly dodges bottles and shoes…) I know, I know — it sucks. I’m probably more disappointed than you but thankfully I’m making up for The Road to Mrs. being M.I.A. today by giving you the scoop on a fab bridal resource I think you’ll love!

I re-discovered Happily Ever Borrowed at the New York City launch of Fallon Carter Weddings. Fallon (How amazing does she look in the above pic?!) rocked bridal-ready accessories for her Big Apple debut and the savvy wedding planner rented them from Happily Ever Borrowed instead of purchasing the baubles and such. Anything that saves a bride and her attendants money immediately makes my Triple B antennas fly up. Seeing Fallon all dolled up in her HEB finds made the site seem real again, ya know? And in thinking about how many events the modern bride attends leading up to her wedding day — HEB could prove to be a lifesaver. In these days of folks literally documenting every second of their lives for public consumption — hello Facebook and Twitter — there is even more pressure not to repeat the same looks for one’s engagement soiree, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, post wedding day brunch and honeymoon. (That might seem vain but be honest.)

Just about any type of accessory a bride could ask for can be found on HEB from tiaras to necklaces. Founder Brittany Haas and her team do a fantastic job curating their merchandise so there is something for the trendiest bride to the simple and classic bride as well. Prices start as low as twenty bucks for a basic birdcage veil (borrow for 5 or 10 days). HEB insists that each of their items are hand cleaned after ever rental and they ship throughout the U.S. International orders are available upon request.

Have you or someone you know ever tried Happily Ever Borrowed? Thoughts; what was your/their experience like?

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  1. I love it! Fallon looks stunning as always.

  2. Avatar Angela Recker says:

    I watched you on Something borrowed, Something new. I thought you were ravishing in the borrowed” gown! You were glowing! I’m so glad you chose that dress!
    I lost my Dad in 2000 so I know how you feel although I am not getting married. Dad’s are so special & the bond between fathers & daughters is something to be treasured. I’m sure your Dad will be watching on your special day & he will be beaming with pride & love! I wouldn’t be surprised if my Dad & ALL the Dad’s in Heaven will be watching too & agreeing wit your Dad about how special it is that you’re wearing your Mom’s wedding dress!
    Give your Mom a hug from me, okay? She seems to be a sweet, loving & supportive Mom, just like mine!
    Best of luck on your special day, blessings for your & your husband! Much happiness always!

  3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Kisha – Yes, Fallon does look fab as usual!

    @Angela – Thank you so much! Yes, the bond between fathers and daughters is definitely something to be treasured. P.S. – I saw my mom last week and I gave her a hug for you. ;-)

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