Marriage Matters Monday – Awesome Wedding Trailer!

Marriage Matters Monday presents The Mauricettes of Canada!

Just last week an engaged Facebook buddy pleaded in her status update, “To or to not do a wedding video? I love the idea, but my fiance isn’t sold. Need to convince him. Help!” Of course, Triple B was on the case. I immediately sent her a link to Tie the Knot Tuesday couple Cleo and Lyncoln’s Q&A on choosing (and budgeting for) a videographer and advised her to book one based on honest feedback from the hundreds of brides I’ve interviewed. Said buddy was very appreciative. But just this morning I realized that I never shared The Road to Mrs. alum Nadine’s wedding trailer with you! Well, here it is (newlyweds Nadine and her hilarious hubby Sean don’t disappoint). The three things I enjoy most about this wedding trailer are Nadine’s teenage son in the video (he was a significant part of the union afterall), the video switching from black and white to color as the couple jumps the the broom (it was subtle but carries loads of significance) and last but certainly not least, the inclusion of their engagement trip to Cuba in the middle. Swoon! Enjoy folks and leave me a comment with your fave parts, as well as advice for my friend on how to convince her fiance to book a videographer for their own big day.

Nadine and Sean’s Wedding Trailer

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  1. Avatar Cicely Carr says:

    I wanted to share my wedding video, well my wedding invitation
    The same lady is going to record my wedding as well.

    I think it is a great idea!

    Thanks for posting this article!


  2. Soo glad I could inspire a post! Thanks, Bridgette – looks like we are leaning towards getting one! Your info was super helpful….xo

  3. Thanks for the love Bridgette, great post! Deciding on a videographer can be a tough decision. It was for Sean & I. We compromised and hired a videographer/friend to only capture the key moments of our wedding. This allowed us to increase our photography budget. Luckily, Sean is a talented video editor. We included footage from our proposal to bring everything full circle. Interestingly enough, our proposal video happened by accident. All thanks to one of the resort employees who grabbed our Flip Camera. My advice: videos are a must have! Check your budget, compromise, get creative & have fun!/Nadine

  4. Thank you for sharing this video! They were my favorite couple by far! So cute and funny! They remind me so much of my Fiance and I! I had been wondering what ever happened with them and how everything was going! Cant wait until their 1 year feature!

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