Happy Friday & Important Updates from Triple B!

WOO HOO! It’s Friday, most of us have a long weekend ahead and Monday (Memorial Day for us in the U.S.) marks the unofficial start of summer. ENJOY! Oh and those of you attending weddings this weekend (I’m going to one tonight!) that you think are Tie the Knot Tuesday worthy, be sure to send the bride and groom my way. Annnddd (insert drumroll here) as of 12AM PST (midnight), BlackBridalBliss.com will go dark until 10AM EST on Monday, June 4th. We’ll have lots of new bells and whistles to shares once we return. In the meantime, there will still be informative and fun updates on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages so continue to check them regularly. Don’t forget to spread the bliss and see you Monday, June 4th!

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