Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: The Appy Couple

Are you and your fiance an "appy" couple?

I have a confession. Although I launched Triple B and have maintained this labor of love for two years and counting; I’m not the Web world’s most tech-savvy blogger. At all. All the more reason for the shock I had at being so excited about Appy Couple when I first discovered them back in April at wedding planner Fallon Carter’s Speed Dating event. Unlike many other wedding planning apps, Appy Couple seems user-friendly, modern and actually fun. Here’s a few things that intrigued me:

  • Appy Couple provides nearlyweds a tool to keep all their wedding-related information (images, DIY ideas, etc.) in one place and accessible via their smartphones for up-to-the-minute changes. There are designs to fit a wide array of personalities.
  • Even your loved ones (like your great grandparents) who don’t own smartphones can enjoy this tool. When you set up your app, you’re setting up your free coordinating website at the same time. It includes most of what is in your app.
  • If you’re inviting someone to your wedding/reception but not your bachelorette party, there’s no need to fret. You have control over which events are visible to everyone, and which ones can only be seen by select people.

Last but not least, call me corny (I’ve been called worse…) but I fancy the name. “Appy” instead of “Happy”…Pretty clever, no?  Anyhoo, what do you think of this app and would you use it? Why/why not?

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  1. Go Bridgette! As the tech diva behind Triple B, I am more than impressed (and very proud) that you chose an app for today’s pick! Love it! And please give yourself more credit. Over the past two years you’ve come a looooong way on the tech side:-) Go Triple B!

  2. How cool! Thank you so much for this!

  3. Thank you for the great post Bridgette! Our team here at Appy Couple greatly appreciates it!

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