A Bridezilla Makes History: Black Bridal Bliss EXCLUSIVE

Find out how bridezilla Jeanine made WeTV history!

I briefly chatted with newlywed Jeanine about her debut last night on WeTV’s Bridezillas. (I realize most of you were tuned into the BET Awards so here’s a mini-recap for you, too.) The highlight of her nuptials? Walking out on her husband during the reception! My thoughts on this popular show haven’t changed since this post, however I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get the inside scoop on Jeanine and her — ahem — colorful wedding day. For the record; she is still married. Check out the Florida mom’s top 5 tips for managing in-laws as a newly married pair plus a couple of her budget tricks for the frugally conscious bride. Remember folks, there is something to be learned from everyone. Yes, everyone  — even a bridezilla.

1) Jeanine readily admits that she and her hubby Thomas were “raised very differently and have very different values”. She agrees that it is important to discuss household expectations before getting hitched for a smooth(er) transition into husband and wife. Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it?

2) “Once you get married, in-laws become extended family. Brides, make sure your future-laws [and your family] understand this early on,” explains Jeanine.

3) “Thomas and I are still legally married but our relationship needs a lot of work. We have a two year-old together and are committed to being good parents,” Jeanine reveals. Looking at the bigger picture is usually an asset to tackling life’s challenges.

4) “A wedding is a costly event. Stop trying to please your guests,” warns the outspoken new wife.

5) Jeanine and Thomas wed on a Thursday. She boasts, “I saved about 75% by getting married on a Thursday rather than a weekend.” Remember, Saturdays are not the only days of the week to say “I Do”.

Tell the truth, did you watch Jeanine’s antics on Bridezillas? What do you think of her advice?

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    1. I did see Jeanne on Bridezilla last night. All I can say is how important pre-marital counseling is. Expectations, Vows and marriage not just a wedding need to be discussed. They can be great parents without being husband and wife. Learn to communicate like adults in order to be a better explain for your children. Please!!!

    2. Run Thomas Run!!!!!

    3. Her behavior was appalling. I think she did a horrible job of representing women getting married. I wondered if she went overboard to be on the tele or if that’s her. Either way her behavior was bad.

    4. Jeanne’s family really needs to get her some mental help. She was off the chain. She was so disrespectful to thomas’ family. I feel so sorry for their son.

    5. Victoria says:

      I was so happy when Thomas FINALLY stood up for himself. It’s sad to hear he decided to stay married to this poor excuse of a woman. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. She’s an abusive, manipulative woman who will negatively affect the lives around her. That poor child.

    6. Don’t be so harsh on her parents, her sister seemed to be very reasonable and normal. On a side note, in my opinion, the wedding is ALL about the guests. Every time I watch this show it confuses me. If you don’t care about your guests having a good time, I’m not sure why you decide to have a reception at all. Of course every bride wants their big day to be perfect, but if it comes at the expense of your friends and family, you should probably just save the money.

    7. ALWAYS PRE-MARITAL COUNSELING before marriage, it saves a lot of drama and stress. THOMAS, YOU ARE A BACKSIDE IF YOU STAYED MARRIED TO THAT WOMAN. This was one of the worst episodes I’ve seen I felt bad for Thomas family, but then again he loves being abused or he’s just in a love addiction.


    8. The worst bride I’ve ever seen. It really got to me when Thomas FINALLY stood up to her (thank God) and made her think about why she had no friends and why her family didn’t come (except for her poor sister), she had the audacity to say they were the ones with the problem? Throughout the whole show I wanted to backhand that disrespectful, manipulative, psycho brat. Run, Thomas, RUUUUN!!!

    9. I hated to watch her act like that. She went way past bridezilla. What she did and said are coming right back at her for the rest of her life. KARMA IS A BIGGER B@### THAN SHE IS!!!!!

    10. Charlene says:

      I, too, was appalled by Jeanine’s behavior and the fact that her parents had little or nothing to do with the show speaks volumes…..and kudos to her sister…at least SHE displayed some common courtesy and social graces. Jeanine is in desperate need of extended therapy….she obviously lives a fantasy life, being as narcissistic as an individual can be; no class…and nothing ladylike about her…and yes, this is American where we have freedom of speech and press….at one point of the show, she commented to Thomas about being in front of thousands of people…..well, it was probably more like millions and Jeanine, dear, YOU should watch the episodes to see how YOU looked in front of millions of people. The marriage should be annulled with Jeanine heading to counseling for herself and she and Thomas in counseling on co-parenting. It is going to be a long road for Thomas.

    11. I think Jeanine was absolutely horrific to others. She is pure evil and her ridiculous advice is even more disgusting. She is an ugly person and she reeks of putrid vile attitude. I feel so sorry for her child. My daughter got married in March and the wedding was for her and her groom, but they were so gracious to all those who came. They visited every table and thanked everyone personally for being a part of their lives. It was beautiful to see my 25 year old daughter handle herself with such grace and love. She makes Jeanine look like the devin incarnate. I hope social services watched the episode and takes that child away from that woman before he can acquire any of ther nastiness.

    12. Jeanine was awlful to say the least, but she was not the worst. Does anyone remember Marsha? Her and Jeanine are from the same mold, selfish, self-centered and don’t know the first thing about being and loving, supportive wife. I feel sorry for them and hope their eyes will eventually be opened to how to truly treat a man.

    13. OMG Thomas where did you find that “thing”? Did you find her in a tent behind the junkyard?
      Thomas dear you should run as fast as he can and never look back! Jeanine is immature, selfish and she is a total whack job (aka Bipolar Disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Histrionic personality disorder). She is the kind of female that is disrespectful, never satisfied, wants to be the center of attention and does not care about other people’s feelings or needs. She is kind of female who will “always keep some sh-t going on”. There will be no peace with that female.
      I say to you Thomas, cut your losses and move forward in your life with a woman who will RESPECT, accept and cherish you as you are. Let that female go back to the junkyard where she belongs!

      To Jeanine I say, the best thing that you can do for yourself is get some professional help. You are mental dear and you will NEVER have a healthy relationship until you address your issues. There are too many good single women out there for some man to be wasting his time with a nut job like you.

    14. What a pathetic excuse for a mother and woman. She needs psychological help. There is stress and crazy bride moments but she is just nuts.

    15. Thomas should date Jeanine’s sister. Seriously, he’d be much happier! Jeanine is a monster. She does not deserve a man like Thomas.

    16. OHGREAT...HEREWEGOAGAIN... says:

      I pity her child. Enough said.

    17. One question-did Thomas take thie witchzilla back?

    18. Princesskim says:

      The fact that her own mother didn’t show up speaks volumes!!! She will continue to be alone and one day when the children grow up, they will leave her as well. Thomas, leave and move on. She doesn’t love you, only herself.

    19. Faith Joy says:

      I really dislike Jeanine’s attitude and the way she treats Thomas and his family. She should have been more compassionate. Her attitude stinks and Thomas shouldn’t have married her. He should get an annulment immediately. She is a BITCH and has no respect for no one. I dislike her.

    20. can anyone really be that horrible??? OMG!! Thomas seemed so sweet, plus cute. She’ll never find anyone better. And her vows, are you kidding me? “When we met I knew it was just a one night stand”?? and rolling her eyes as the preacher read from the Bible?? I loved the best man pointing his eyes towards the door!! But sadly, all this attention she’s getting from the media is probably going to make her a lot of money. That just sucks.

    21. Anonymous says:

      This chick was out of her damn mind! No wonder none of her family with the exception of her sister and father (who didnt even go to the reception) came. I would be ashamed to call her family. I was so so happy when Thomas grew a back bone and threw his ring on the table in front of her and walked away. This is what Thomas needs to do:
      1. Divorce her ugly disrespectful ass
      2. Petition for SOLE custody of their son. Make her pay child support.
      3. Get a restraining order

    22. Wow is all I can say. Thomas seems like such a nice young man who wants to do right by his child, and has to put up with that thing. She needs help. End of story. The girl needs counseling and so does Thomas, after dealing with her. It just annoys me that she acted that way on tv. Is that why she was acting that way, it is this her every day attitude? Ugh. I’ve never even been lucky enough to have a guy look my way, or even want a relationship with me, but THIS GIRL CAN GET ONE! Wow. Scary as hell.

    23. I was so Da** sick watching the way this GIRL acted. No WOMAN acts this way. I THINK that Thomas was trying to do the right thing since they have a child together. But Thomas let me tell you something that you have probably heard before…..Take custody of your son and raise him like the man you are. Jeanine is not a good role model for this child in any way. The way she screams and yells is rediculous and just plain IGNORANT! She made herself look like a total ignoramus! The fact that her mother didnt show, and the fact that her Father had had enough before the reception shows that even her family realizes that she is just out of control. She is about the ugliest thing I ever saw, both inside and out. Someone that ugly should be as sweet as she can be. She was actually lucky to be with Thomas, because I dont think anyone else would look over the fact that there is nothing beautiful about her. And I dont just mean LOOKS. Jeanine is just plain ugly.
      I could not believe that they even aired this ignorant folly, and it was and will be the last episode that I will watch. A rerun of I love Lucy would have made a better cut.
      Jeanine if youre reading this, I just wish that I could have a conversation with you. Just the two of us. I would take the time to explain to you why with your behavior and actions, you will never be considered a real woman. The only thing that you could be properly paired with, with the attitude that you have is a caged gorilla. Cause thats what your actions reminded me of.
      And no….I dont regret my opinon at all.

    24. WHOA! You guys certainly aren’t holding back on your feelings toward Jeanine.

    25. Wow. I watched the rerun last night. She is not a bridezilla, she is a shrew.

    26. I can’t believe that someone can talk and act like that to anyone. She is rude, crude, disrespectful, egotistacle, ugly inside and out, no consideration for others, voicetrious, vulgar, irritating, and a just plain BIT-H. Thomas, go to court and take that baby away from her so she only gets visitation rights cause she is going to ruin him. You & your family will raise him the right wayand be a better influence on him than her. She needs a lot of help and she should get it right away. I guess she has no friends,who would want her for a friend. So happy when you stood up to her and told her to “shut up & listen”.Can’t stand that she repeats the same thing about 5 times, like to her sister”do you have change?”, do you have chamge”, 5 x,
      & to your father,” it wasn’t your place”, that about 5 x too. OMG, RUN THOMAS, No Love there.

    27. She is just a straight up miserable b*tch. Thomas is way to cute and way too sweet to have to deal with such a horrible person the rest of his life. Being married to her is an equivalent to a death sentence. Her behavior was horrible, I’m pretty sure my 5 year old niece has better manners than that sorry excuse for a human being. Planning a wedding is very stressful but she just blew everything out of proportion. Thomas a little bit of advice… Get sole custody of your child since obviously your wife is a nut case and RUN. You can do better and you can’t turn a psycho into a housewife :-)

    28. I saw this episode and it made me SICK! I couldn’t BELIEVE Thomas would marry a woman like that, never mind have a baby with her!

      IF Thomas was smart, he would NEVER have gotten involved with Jeanine in the first place!

    29. I still can’t get over that episode. My husband watched it with me and threw a glass at the TV cuz he couldn’t strangle her. She is disrespectful and ignorant. Appalling to think that Thomas is still with her. Low self esteem maybe? She wanted to be on TV and is now on a lot of shows. She is ugly and her attitude makes her even uglier. I wish for the sake of the child they share that Thomas takes him and run. She should not be around children and the state should take any she gives birth to in the future. Ignorant tramp.

    30. Jessica says:

      This episode was very hard to watch. Jeanine’s behavior was completely unacceptable and I find it hard to understand why Thomas was still with her. Now, with that being said, those of you who are commenting on how ugly she is need to tone it down a little. YES…her behavior was very ugly and that carries to the outside, but, some of these comments make it clear that a lot of you think she is ugly on the outside and would be no matter how she acts. You’re not any better than her for insulting her appearance. Not that it’s any excuse, but she may have had to deal with being teased, rejected, and hurt her whole life by people who think she’s ugly. You know what they say: hurt people hurt people. Maybe this horrible attitude is a defense mechanism. Like I said, it’s no excuse. Jeanine definitely needs to get counseling, especially since she’s a mother. I just don’t like seeing cyber-bullying from adults. Learn to stay on topic. The point is she is a very mean person, but people still feel the need to keep commenting on her appearance. As if it would be a little more acceptable for her to act like this if she fit your definition of beauty.

    31. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      You raise excellent points, Jessica. Thank you.

    32. Frances G says:

      I would dump her like radioactive waste! No wonder her family and friends abandoned her on her wedding day! I thought her behaviour was appalling and this young man and their beautiful son deserved better and obviously, so does everybody else. Imagine walking out on your reception? Mental!

    33. @Jessica…Please shut it !! Nobody is cyber-bullying that ugly woman(inside and outside)!!! People have the right to voice their opinion,who are you to say anything? You voiced your opinion ,which nobody gave a first thought too,so take your analyzing somewhere else.That bridezilla was ugly,rude,disrespectful,hurtful ,immature,childish,ridiculous,embarrassing,crazy,and downright pathetic!! This is the truth,not cyber-bullying!!


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