Bridal Drama: Your Fiance’s Best Man is a Woman

What if your husband-to-be's best man is a woman?

So you said YES! The registry is coming along. Yay! Your photographer, venue and flowers have been selected and deposits made. Super! There’s still one concern. Your fiance — the love of your life — wants to have a female as his best “man”. We all know the idea of couples having friends of the opposite sex can get um…sticky. It is a topic most adults agree to disagree on. But when your future hubby decides to have his homegirl stand by his side on the day you vow to join your lives together; should you be freaked out? Triple B is this totally cool or totally unacceptable? Let’s talk about it folks! Don’t be shy; leave your (honest) opinions in the comments so we can get an intelligent conversation going about this topic. Oh and since we’re on this touchy subject, would you have a man in your bridal party? Do you thinlk your fiance would object?

Tie the Knot Tuesday alum Lynda and Alonzo made this work — could you and your sweetie?

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  1. I say sure. I would assume that if they are such good friends for him to ask her to stand for him she and I have a good relationship as well. Unless you met your fiancé yesterday and are marrying them today you and the female friend should be comfortable enough with each other for this to be cool

  2. Avatar Gettin'HitchedSoon says:

    My fiance is the type of guy who has always had a lot of really good friends who were women, so with the exception of one of our male friends, his entire side is women (groomswomen!) and he’s having a best woman. And this doesn’t freak me out in the least. Most of these women are mutual friends of ours that he is close to and wants to share our special day with. I know that things can happen and people can surprise you so I never rule anything out as impossible but I know my husband-to-be’s character and that allows me to trust him, so none of his relationships with women bother me in the least. If having a woman on his side of the aisle make you give your man the ill side eye maybe you need to ask yourself, whether or not you trust the man you’re marrying.

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