Must-See Video: Cute Father Daughter First Dance

This video — shot by the talented folks at Three Ring Weddings — needs no words but I must note that it is extra-touching because the subjects let their true personalities shine through (Like another one of my fave father/daughter first dances). Be sure to tell me your favorite part in the comments after viewing. Enjoy!

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    1. I loved the Daddy-Daughter Dougie :)

    2. LA Davidson says:

      I loved the entire video, but my favorite moment was the father’s James Brown moment when she was draping the jacket over him, lol!

    3. I love father daughter dance videos like this, they are so cute and fun. I like the whole video, the dad stole the show for sure though Lol.

    4. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      I think the Dougie and the James Brown parts were my favorites too. But as Leah pointed out, the dad definitely stole the show! LOL, great times captured on film…

    5. I absolutely loved this entire video. This made me smile, laugh, and cry, all in a matter of 4 minutes!

    6. This was AMAZING!!!

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