The Road to Mrs. – I’ve Lost 50 Pounds!

Bride-to-be Jene has lost TWO dress sizes in preparation for her big day!

Losing weight for my wedding day and sharing the journey with you was the premise of starting this blog on Triple B. While that may have been the reason for it’s origin, it has morphed into so much more. I have found support, advice and cathartic release here. I have shared, I have cried. I have enjoyed every minute of it. This blog has become so much more than a weight loss chronicle. But with my wedding less than a month away, this week I am returning to the beginning.

Since the start of this journey I am proud to report I have lost just about fifty pounds, and dropped two dress sizes. I have completed my dress fittings, and if I do say so myself I look pretty damn good in my dress. The majority of the alterations are done. The seamstress took the dress in perfectly, it fits like a glove. With that said I find myself in a very foreign predicament. I have to maintain my current size. Being a plus size girl I have NEVER been in this position. I have always been in a place of trying to lose weight and dreading any gain. Gaining is still a NO NO, but I have learned maintaining comes with its own unique issues. Issues I am struggling with almost as much as I have with losing in the past. Gaining weight has always come easy. Losing weight has been a struggle, but maintaining is a monster of its own.

I have wedding festivities coming up, the shower and the rehearsal dinner. Not to mention Shawn’s family reunion in North Carolina Labor Day weekend; so eating temptations will be plentiful. I set out to achieve a certain look in my wedding dress, a look I have achieved. Wish me luck Triple B that I don’t fall prey to the diet pitfalls ahead of me.

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  1. Congratulations! You look amazing and it seems like you are in better health also (which is really all that matters!)

  2. You look fabulous!! Keep up the good work

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Congrats……..You look great!

  4. Jene! You look FANTASTIC!! And don’t worry, you can enjoy all the fun to come without reverting to old ways. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll taste whatever you want but keep an eye on portion sizes. You can do it!!

  5. Congrats! We often start losing because we’re going for a certain ‘look’ but, just think how great you feel! No indulgence is worth giving that up. Have an amazing time at your wedding. My trainer gave me a great tip: if you spy you favorite food temptation and want a taste, take 3 bites then walk away. That’s usually enough to satisfy the craving without sabotaging all of your fitness efforts. Between that and all the walking, hugging and dancing you should do, you can be just fine.

  6. Thank you guys for stopping by and showing Jene so much support. She’s been such a pleasant addition to Triple B and I’m feeling bittersweet that she won’t be blogging here soon but I too am so happy for her!

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