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Cousin Mars: How to Get Him Involved in Wedding Planning

Triple B's own Cousin Mars shares an honest male pov on getting grooms involved in wedding planning.

So, you’d like to know how to get him to participate more with the wedding planning. In order to accomplish this we must first attempt to understand his point of view. It should be safe to assume that you are extremely excited about beginning this new chapter in your life. A chapter that you might have dreamed of for many years. A chapter that, in a sense, ends life as you know it and allows you to begin a new life with your soul mate. Okay, back to him. [Read more…]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week Bridal Inspirations

Zac Posen was one of many designers that showed jaw-dropping gowns during Spring 2013 Fashion Week in NYC this month.

Today’s post is the first (of many I hope) from the newest member of the Triple B team, Mabel Martinez. Mabel is an ambitious New York City college senior who has dreams of becoming a fashion journalist after graduation. Please help me welcome her by leaving loads of feedback in the comments section. I think you’ll agree she did a terrific job with her first assignment for Triple B.  [Read more…]

Keija Minor Makes History as First Black Editor-in-Chief of BRIDES Magazine

Editor Keija Minor (right) is a trailblazer as the first Black editor of Brides magazine.

That’s right, Triple B! Last week veteran editor Keija Minor was announced as editor-in-chief of Brides magazine. She is the first Black woman to hold this title. In fact she is the first Black woman to ever hold the EIC title at any Conde Nast publication. In addition to Brides, Conde Nast also publishes a slew of top notch titles including Vogue,Vanity Fair and GQ. As far as fashion magazines go, Conde Nast is the cream of the crop.

This. Is. Major. [Read more…]

Important Triple B Updates

Howdy! There’s great news and not-so great news. The not-so great news is that Part II of Travel Thursday: Las Vegas, Baby! will post tomorrow. Apologies for the delay, folks. The great news? The response to last week’s first post from Cousin Mars was so positive that he will be back on September 28 (next Friday) so you don’t have to wait another month to hear from him and his male pov. Exciting, right?

Have a prosperous day!

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Ombre Nails

Something blue? Megastar Beyonce opted for azul nails on her wedding day but this ombre look even takes it up a notch!

Ombre nails have been on my radar since the spring but I just realized I never mentioned them here on Triple B. There are so many variations of the fun trend, whether you’re super conservative or a big risk-taker. [Read more…]

(Not Quite) Tie the Knot Tuesday – I’m Engaged!

Me and the love of my life about two hours before he popped the question.

Those of you who follow Triple B on Twitter might already know that this past weekend, I got engaged. And those of you who have been following Triple B here know that I rarely ever mention my personal relationship on this site. I’m a pretty private person. But I came to the conclusion – after careful consideration — that if I expect others to continue to be candid with me about their relationships, fears and triumphs, I should do the same…So here goes: [Read more…]

Marriage Matters Monday – Meet Kimberly & Damon

Meet The Marshall Family

Today’s Triple B featured couple Kimberly and Damion wed on August 7, 2009. I typically only feature couples in Marriage Matters who have been hitched 10 years or more I think you’ll agree The Marshalls have a story worth sharing now.

The couple has known each other through two sets of friends since 2000 but didn’t come together until a mutual friend re-connected them at a party in December 2008. They immediately started dating one week after the party and became inseparable. They realized they wanted the same things in life: marriage, children and ultimate happiness in a healthy partnership (marriage).

In March 2009 their love was tested when Kimberly went to the emergency room to check out a boil on her skin and the hospital failed to give me the correct medication/treatment. She was forced to have open heart surgery at 30 years old. She did most of her recovery at her mother’s apartment in the Bronx, New York. Damon maintained her apartment in Harlem, New York by doing laundry, cleaning and overseeing the upkeep. The couple made wedding plans to get married in August of the same year.

Kmberly bought her wedding dress — an off-white cocktail dress — off the rack a block away from the Court House (where they were married). Damon opted for a chambray pinstripe suit and off-white leather sneakers from discount retailer Daffy’s. Kimberly’s mother organized a family and friend reception at a family member’s home in Mount Vernon, New York for nearly 75 people.

Soon the newlyweds learned they were expecting! But Kimberly faced yet another surgery during her pregnancy for ovarian torison. Thankfully, the couple’s beloved son, Mandela Iyanu Marshall, was born the following year on May 11, 2010.

Check out their candid Q&A about love, family and not having a blueprint for marriage:

Introducing Cousin Mars: A Man’s Point of View

Please help welcome Cousin Mars to the Triple B family!

He’s arrived, y’all! Triple B’s first (and only) anonymous male contributor — above — has blessed us with his first post. Read, share and then read again.

Call me Cousin Mars…because I am now part of the Black Bridal Bliss family. The new season brings a slight change to Triple B. You guys now have a reason to look forward to Final Fridays – A Mars Point of View. I expect Triple B followers to soon understand why I was chosen to lend my opinion on a monthly basis. Who knows? Maybe you’ll request to hear from me more than just monthly. [Read more…]

Fashion Friday Fun Find – Bridal Designer Monique Lhuillier’s New Jewelry Line

Fashion designer Monique Lhuillier with one of her romantic wedding dresses.

Happy Friday! Monique Lhuillier, the beloved fashion designer with the Hollywood set (Pink and Rashida Jones are fans) and known for her uber feminine wedding gowns is expanding to jewelry. [Read more…]

Travel Thursday – Exciting Bachelorette Ideas for Las Vegas

During my travels this summer I had the pleasure of visiting Las Vegas! Of course I got the scoop for Triple B on what brides-to-be should take advantage of while visiting “Sin City” since it is such a popular bachelorette destination. I know many of you are thinking you already know what Vegas has to offer: tons of booze, gambling and well, you know the rest. And it does. But this popular western gem has so much more to offer. See why:

[Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Kenna & Marcus

Meet The Littles & Share Their Bliss

Bride: Kenna Ellis, 32
Groom: Marcus Little, 32
Occupations: Ellis: finance manager; Little: engineering supervisor
Wedding Date: August 4, 2012
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: Del’Avant Event Cener; Lagrange, Georgia [Read more…]

Must-See Wedding Trailer – Stephanie & Delano

The Squires share their wedding trailer.

Last week in Tie the Knot Tuesday, the lovely couple Stephanie and Delano Squires of Maryland were featured. Now Stephanie has given me the green light to also share the newlywed’s wedding trailer video [courtesy of Khloe Madison] here on Triple B! It touches all the right notes: romance, humor, style, family and friendship bonds plus more to boot. Enjoy, forward to loved ones and be sure to leave me a comment with your favorite part(s)! (Mine is the mother/son dance with Delano and his mom — priceless.)

[Read more…]

Marriage Matters Monday: 6 Lessons I Learned While Engaged

Today’s piece was submitted by Andrea Montgomery, a newlywed  from Illinois who works in engineering. Andrea tied the knot this past summer — July to be exact — and wanted to share her recent discoveries with Triple B. (There she is in the above pic with her hubby on their big day.) I truly believe every relationship has it’s own DNA– what works for you might not work for me and vice versa. On that note, here’s what has worked/is working for Andrea: [Read more…]

Fashion Friday Fun Facts

Fashion Friday Fun!

Today I’m sharing three quick yet useful bits of information regarding bridal fashion. Knowledge is power, right? Enjoy your weekend! [Read more…]

The Road to Mrs. – My Bachelorette Party was Fantastic (Plus a VIDEO with My Fiance!)

Jene's recaps her unforgettable bachelorette party!

My bachelorette party, my bachelorette party, my bachelorette party! Where do I start? It was absolutely, positively fantastic. I had a great time. My girls chartered a party bus. A party bus. They recruited Shawn to help them surprise me. He blindfolded me and walked me outside to where they were waiting to whisk me away. We made several stops in Manhattan and TURNED OUT every single one. From the great food, the fun games, the alcohol laced snacks (they had booze in everything: the gummy bears, the fruit, the cake pops, etc.) and the err…. uh…. adult entertainment, they made sure I had a night to remember and I sure did. What a way to close my life’s single chapter! They did a fantastic job. [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Stephanie & Delano

Meet the Squires!

Bride: Stephanie Phillips, 29
Groom: Delano Squires, 30
Occupations: Phillips: federal relations professional; Squires: information technology professional
Homebase: Maryland
Wedding Date: July 28, 2012
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: The Bell Tower on 34th; Houston, Texas

[Read more…]

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