Introducing Cousin Mars: A Man’s Point of View

Please help welcome Cousin Mars to the Triple B family!

He’s arrived, y’all! Triple B’s first (and only) anonymous male contributor — above — has blessed us with his first post. Read, share and then read again.

Call me Cousin Mars…because I am now part of the Black Bridal Bliss family. The new season brings a slight change to Triple B. You guys now have a reason to look forward to Final Fridays – A Mars Point of View. I expect Triple B followers to soon understand why I was chosen to lend my opinion on a monthly basis. Who knows? Maybe you’ll request to hear from me more than just monthly.

Why me? Is that what you’re asking? I’ll share a bit and hope to receive your approval. I’m from, and currently reside in, New York City. I have lived here all but nine years of my life. My impressionable years were spent living in two neighborhoods that will probably never make the Best Neighborhoods to Live list, but my mom did her best to keep me busy and out of trouble (her plan worked much more than it failed). My parents divorced when I was very young. As a result I was raised by a young and super (potentially too much) independent woman who was hell bent on raising a confident, independent, and educated man. I am now rapidly approaching the mid-30s (yikes!). I’m a college graduate, entrepreneur and pescatarian (just thought you should know) that has yet to get married or have children. My closest friends now realize I’m probably a boardwalk stroll or a holiday ring sale away from getting engaged. So, you’re probably still asking why me? I am extremely good at people and situation reading and posses an effective ability to keep emotion and personal opinion apart from decision making and advice giving. Although I am, and have always been, a heterosexual male I frequent BBB regularly. Most, or at least half, of my friends are female. Yes…they are just friends (no benefits!). Within my core group of friends, slightly more than half are married and/or have children.

I plan to offer a different perspective on topics that are relevant to you. Based on the recent poll, asking what topics you are most interested in hearing from a male perspective, I will provide insight on issues that matter to you. So, stay tuned. I look forward to chatting with you next on October 26th. Remember…Final Friday’s – A Mars Point of View!

  Soooo…whatcha think? You guys are still a little shy with leaving me comments but please don’t hold back with Cousin Mars. He needs your feedback to help me finalize future blog topics.

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  1. Looking forward to it!

  2. Glasses adjusted. Check. Pen(s). Check. Notebook with 500 sheets of loose leaf paper. Check. Open mind. check. With that…Welcome Cousin Mars! Looking forward to your monthly posts/advice. And in Jebus’ name (translated: Jesus’ name) please do not begin with “Why Do Men Cheat?” because I think I got that down-packed and am currently on reason #4,612. 0_o And it’s not just men who cheat either…so uhm yea. Anywho, I am pleased to have you on Triple B and look forward to your views and insights.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I’ll be sure not to start with Why Men Cheat. Wow…over 4k…I would have stopped at 5. Feel free to suggest different topics to Triple B.
    @Kendall Which topic (from the poll) are you most curious about.
    @Leah I’ll try my best to keep your interest.

  4. I’m glad that Cousin Mars is joining the BBB family. As a 50+ female I realize that a male point of view on matters of love is imperative, for heterosexual relationships especially. Dishing with female friends fails to offer the what, why, where and when of the men we relate to. Men’s feelings, opinions and advice have been disregarded by Black women for too long. Maybe that’s why they sometimes leave everything up to women. We ask for something by our actions then complain when they comply. Open communication is paramount in any working relationship.

  5. @ Cousin Mars – I would definitely be interested to know the Romance and Finance question first. Why Men Stray Away From or Feel Intimidated by a Female That Makes More Than Them? Although I am not married yet and am currently happy being single and truly satisfied staying single at this point in time, I have had too many fellas (in the dating scene) become jealous or even overly competitive in other areas when it comes to annual salaries. I’ve learned over the years to deter from all conversations regarding the income department for fear of being rejected or frowned upon because of what I make. Sad but true.

    I have other topics too just in case. And don’t mind me Cousin Mars, lol, I was just being my usual silly self when I said the don’t start with the whole men and cheating thing. You are schooling us so whatever you choose is best.

    Thanks Bridgette for bringing us a male perspective, yay!!

  6. @ SpikesDtr – I appreciate the comment. Its great to have a forum to discuss hot topics with such a wide array of viewpoints…Thanks Triple B for providing this.
    @ Kendall – I will definitely attempt to tackle your suggested topic. Final Fridays – A Mars Point of View is currently a monthly post, so I don’t know exactly how soon you can expect this topic to be posted. However, I will try to make this one of the first four (as long as this is something many people are interested in discussing).
    I would like to inform you all that Black Bridal Bliss is strongly considering moving the first Final Fridays – A Mars Point of View post to SEPTEMBER 28th (next Friday). I want to personally thank all of you that have sent positive comments and emails to BBB.

  7. Cousin Mars reminds me of my cousin “Teddy” from New York lol. Welcome to BBB. I’m looking forward to your posts.

  8. Represent. Looking forward to hearing perspective(s) on popping the BIG question.

  9. I have good news! *Imagine hearing drum roll*
    Triple B has decided to move the next Final Fridays – A Mars Point of View post to SEPTEMBER 28th (next Friday). Thank you all for encouraging this change.

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