Final Friday with Cousin Mars – Do Men Get the Baby Itch?

Triple B's resident male blogger Cousin Mars gives his three cents on the male baby itch.

So you’re wondering if men get the baby itch? Of course men get The Baby Itch. Why wouldn’t we? The biggest difference relates to when and why our itch arrives. It APPEARS (whether true, or not) to many men that a large percentage of women place having a child on their life’s To Do List. It actually seems as though having a child is part of a hopeful accomplishment list for many women. Conversely, men often attempt to check off all items on the hopeful accomplishment list prior to procreating. [Read more...]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Bouquet Divas

Above: Dahlia

Some brides crave a little extra bling in their wedding day. Enter Bouquet Divas. [Read more...]

THROWBACK TUESDAY – Feel Good Wedding Trailer

There’s no Tie the Knot Tuesday for the next couple of weeks because Triple B is super-busy working on an exciting (yet time-consuming) project. I look forward to sharing the great news with you guys when the ink is dry! In the meantime, check out the below wedding trailer that originally was shared in Triple B TV. I haven’t a clue who Kendra and Gerald are but there is something very familiar about them. In this short snippet of their wedding day, it’s evident that there were plenty of sentimental moments, humor, dancing, food, friends and family. That’s my kind of party. And the way it was all captured on film are signs of a great videographer. My favorite scene is probably the end when the newlyweds are surrounded in a circle by who I assume are their family matriarchs. Seems like this couple’s marriage started off with a lot of support and who can’t appreciate that? Enjoy!

Bright Bridal Idea: Personalized Reception Candy Bar

Candy and/or snack bars at receptions aren’t new to most and in fact I’ve even featured a few weddings that contained fun ones in Tie the Knot Tuesday. But the idea of personalizing them according to the couple’s fave sweet treats growing up? That is new to me and I find it too cute to boot. Anything that helps to add a true personal touch to one’s wedding is usually a winner in Triple B’s book. [Read more...]

You’re Engaged!: How to Begin Family Traditions as a Newly Married Couple

This is very similar to the type of Thanksgiving Day spread the Bartlett household was known for in my formative years.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the good ole US of A and most Americans celebrated with a big turkey dinner and all the trimmings. I’ll spare you my conflicted views on the holiday but without question I have a lot to be thankful for and I’m sure most of you do, too. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a big deal in my family and I grew up celebrating it to the nines, right along with Christmas. But my fiance? Not so much. Thankfully we’re pretty much on the same page with these holidays now — at our cores anyway — even if it doesn’t seem like it to outsiders. My future husband isn’t big on huge, screaming labels — on people, clothes or holidays. And I’m beginning to adopt many of the same philosophies he has on the commercialization of the holiday season I cherished as a child. However, that doesn’t mean my family has changed their views and this could potentially be a major problem down the road. YIKES! [Read more...]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: Paying it Forward on Your Wedding Day

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, marking the unofficial/official start of the holiday season. In the better part of my adult years, this time of year makes me want to give back — even more than usual. There’s a plethora of ways to do so during a season that has become too much about getting in my opinion. Plus as corny as it may sound, I always feel better about my own life when I do something selfless. Whether it is helping to feed other New Yorkers on Thanksgiving Day, giving away old coats, scarves and gloves to the city’s most needy or reading and donating books to children who will be hospitalized on Christmas Day. But a giving heart shouldn’t just be confined to the last two months of the year and weddings are an excellent vehicle for giving to your favorite cause(s). I’ve mentioned this on Triple B before but now that I’m planning my own nuptials, my fiance and I are figuring out what we want to do in the way of charity that truly reflects us and our passions.

[Read more...]

My Road to Mrs. – Facing A Fatherless Wedding

Bride Kenna and her father the first time he saw her in wedding gown. He said it made him think about the day she was born.

Since my last post about my upcoming wedding, my fiance and I have made some small yet significant progress. We’ve narrowed down the area we want our nuptials to take place and our wedding day budget plus we zeroed in on a time frame. We’re also continuing those sometimes challenging conversations about combining finances and being truthful about our expectations after exchanging I Do. There’s still lots to do physically and emotionally but we’re both up for it and enjoying the ride.

However there’s one wedding planning element that is probably the most personal and I’m thinking about it more these days. I don’t think I’ve mentioned in my two + years of maintaining Triple B but my father is deceased. He passed away in my teen years. Before he did we were very close. [Read more...]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Tracy Reese Dresses for Bridesmaids

A flirty, floral frock from the Tracy Reese Pre-Fall 2012 collection.

Long before First Lady Michelle Obama decided to rock the 2012 DNC wearing a Tracy Reese frock, I was a fan of the uber-talented designer. The Detroit-born Reese is a true artist and understands what fabrics, silhouettes and overall construction of a garment will most flatter a women’s body. She’s also known for her exceptional use of bold colors (bright hues always pop on brown skin!) and fun prints. So why not consider outfitting your bridal party in Tracy Reese? [Read more...]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Mirlaine & Pernell

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Pernell S. Brice III

Bride: Mirlaine Onelien, 37
Groom: Pernell S. Brice III, 38
Occupations: Onelien, magazine executive; Brice, development and evaluation director
Homebase: New Jersey
Wedding Date: September 29, 2012
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: David’s Country Inn, Hackettstown, NJ  

[Read more...]

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