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The Best 5 At-Home Teeth Whitening Systems for Brides-To-Be

Please enjoy today’s post by Triple B guest blogger, Jennifer Vishnevsky. Vishnevsky is a contributor to Top Dentists, an online consumer dental health site, as well as freelancer for other top lifestyle media outlets.

Achieve a winning wedding day smile from the comfort of your home!

Wedding bells are ringing and sparkly teeth are ready to shine! Teeth whitening is an important part of the wedding prep but with so much going on during this exciting time, at-home options might be your best bet. While most consist of the same two substances – carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide – the primary difference is that bleaching solutions found in each treatment contain different concentration levels. The concentration of materials in the at-home options is less than what is provided by a dentist but still an effective option. Here are five of the best at-home options: [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week: Light in the Box Wedding Accessories

This two-tier ribbon edge elbow veil with rhinestones is less than $25 on!

If you or anyone you remotely care about is planning a wedding within a budget of any kind and doesn’t have on their radar, they are missing out. This online resource — which isn’t necessarily new — offers everything from shoes to kitchen faucets. Admittedly, a first glance at their home page probably won’t woo you as it is pretty generic in design and doesn’t scream weddings. But once you mosey over to their weddings page, you’ll start to see the…light. (hee hee) [Read more…]

How Does Social Media Impact Your Wedding Planning?

Is social media making your wedding planning (more) stressful?

My apologies folks but there’s no Tie the Knot Tuesday today. Bummer I know but I thought we’d have some fun until TTKT returns. I want to know how you guys feel about wedding planning in the digital age. What is too much sharing? (Do you really need to post 48 pictures of your engagement ring on Instagram?) How do you avoid your fifth cousin finding out that she wasn’t invited to your bridal shower when you just got tagged on Facebook in a dozen pics from the fun soiree? [Read more…]

Final Friday with Cousin Mars – Groom’s Cakes

Happy New Year, folx. May this year be your best year yet. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I’ll get to business. I have a different type of post for you guys today. Cousin Mars is trying to look out for you.

Last fall I was introduced to Groom’s Cakes. For whatever reasons, I had never heard of these things. However, now that I have…Whoa Baby! [Read more…]

Black Bridal Bliss & Box Full of Kisses EXCLUSIVE Giveaway

I thought the above image would get your attention. Now that I’ve got it, the details of Triple B’s latest GIVEAWAY is guaranteed to get you even more excited! We’ve partnered with Box Full of Kisses to gift you with romantic and sexy goodies just in time for Valentine’s Day! Every Box Full of Kisses contains massage lotion, breath mints, kissing “coupons” to be redeemed when and where you and your partner choose, a cologne and parfum plus more. There are boxes for men and for women. Each keepsake box retails for $36 but Triple B can hook you up if you follow the instructions below: [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday – Victoria & Brenden

Triple B Presents: The Alexanders of South Carolina

Bride: Victoria Cash Alexander
Groom: Brenden Alexander
Homebase: South Carolina
Wedding Date: December 1, 2012
Wedding Location: ceremony and reception: Hilton Hotel, Greenville, South Carolina

[Read more…]

Fashion Friday – Shoegasm of the Week

Check out this Melody!

While checking out the Jimmy Choo Bridal Boutique online this week, I was left completely underwhelmed. But then I decided to take a look at the Bridesmaid Collection and met Melody above. Isn’t she stunning? [Read more…]

Must-Hear Reception Music:The Top 10 Feel Good Wedding Songs

Tie the Knot Tuesday alums Camille and Uchenna cut a rug!

For most, dancing and feel-good music are two of the most anticipated parts of a wedding reception. Whether your dance moves rival those of Debbie Allen or you can barely two-step, it really doesn’t matter at a wedding reception! Hiring the right band and/or DJ is crucial to ensuring the dancefloor stays packed all night. Even those who opt to handle their own tunes without the help of a professional should spend ample time choosing their playlist.

It’s important when planning the music for your wedding to pick not only the songs that you like, but also what your guests might like. Since weddings are typically multi-generation family affairs, there’s usually quite a diverse set of music that ends up being played to have something for everyone. Don’t be surprised if Nana seems annoyed after the sixth consecutive 2Chainz song is played. Some nearlyweds even ask their guests when they RSVP for song requests. Below are Triple B’s top ten [r&b, hip-hop, soul] songs to play at a wedding. [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Leap Two Love Wedding Brooms

A leapTWOlove Signature Handcrafted Broom

I love the tradition of jumping the broom and plan to incorporate the custom into my wedding day. It means many special things to my fiance and I. We’re hoping to delegate our broom decorating task to two of my younger family members. However for those of you who also desire to jump the broom on your wedding day and want the ease of simply purchasing one, I just learned of a great resource for ya. Folks, put Leap Two Love on your bridal radar! [Read more…]

Celebrity Bridal Bliss – RHOA’s Kandi Burruss is Engaged!

Kandi and Todd are about to get hitched!

BREAKING NEWS: It looks like Kandi Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is preparing to actually become a real…well, wife! The former member of the R&B girl group Xscape is preparing to tie the knot to television producer, Todd Tucker. So Kandi joins the ranks of Janet Jackson, Brandy and Mellody Hobson — all high-profile Black women who recently announced they’ll be saying I Do in the near future. Shucks, NeNe Leaks divorced her husband Gregg of over a decade and even they just announced that they’re remarrying. [Read more…]

Whimsical Wedding Cakes – Creme Delicious

Pretty Tasty: Creme Delicious Cakes

I first learned of the fab bakery Creme Delicious while at the wedding of Chris and Jada Paul. The couple had a traditional white multi-tier cake but mid-way through the reception guests were treated to individual cakes similar to those above. And then at the Martha Stewart Weddings soriee last fall, I got to see more of Creme’s edible artistry upclose. Sweet! [Read more…]

Friday Film Review – A Haunted House

Black love on screen: Essence Atkins & Marlon Wayans are the stars of A Haunted House

I know, I know, I know…You’re wondering what the %*$# the new film, A Haunted House, has to do with weddings, Black brides or relationships in general. Well, a lot actually. I attended an advance press screening for the flick which officially hits theaters today and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Here’s why: [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Lollia Life At Last Bubble Bath

Lollia Life At Last Bubble Bath: Pop bottles right in your bathroom!

I discovered Lollia Life beauty products last year while working on a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for a freelance story. A certain popular celebrity mom mentioned them as her fave and once I saw them in person I understood why. Lollia Life is the creator of feminine, exquisitely packaged and yummy smelling bath treats, body creams, fragrances and more. I immediately fell for the bubble baths specifically because it is packaged to look like a wine bottle. They’re such a memorable gift idea for your bridesmaids, future mother-in-law (I’ve given my future mom-in-law one.) or a pick-me-up gift when wedding planning has you stressed out.  [Read more…]

You Oughta Know: Cool Wedding Planning Resource

Yesterday I discovered a neat tool online that I’ve been itching to share with you all. As I’ve mentioned a gazillion times before, wedding costs vary greatly from city to city. The cost of a wedding in Los Angeles might be $55,000 while virtually the same wedding is only $24,500 in Siler City, North Carolina. Cost of Wedding is a genius website that crunches these types of numbers for you! Trust, you will want to bookmark this site if you’re currently planning nuptials as it will ultimately help you get the most bang for your bridal buck. [Read more…]

Tie the Knot Tuesday Video Trailer Special – Belinda & Kevin

Check out Kevin & Belinda's re-marriage after a 20 year divorce!

Some folks say what is meant to be, will be. That was certainly the case for Belinda and Kevin who had their recent Atlanta nuptials documented by Three Ring Media. This encore wedding (this is their second marriage to each other) took place over two decades after the twosome first met. While watching the video, it is obvious that these two were destined to be together again. Triple B wishes the newlyweds-again health, prosperity and all they happiness they can stand! [Read more…]

Marriage Matters Monday – Ebony Mag’s February 2013 Covers ROCK!

Newlyweds Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin shared the cover of Ebony's February 2013 issue!

The folks over at Ebony magazine are giving us not one, not two but three fabulous covers for the month of February! The theme of the issue is “Celebrate Black Love” — something we enjoy doing here at Triple B. And when we can get honest advice from seemingly happy married couples about life after “I Do”, that’s always a plus. [Read more…]

Bridgette’s Pick of the Week – Five Bridal Fitness Goals for 2013 & Beyond

Happy New Year! Thanks for all your support of Triple B in 2012. I feel the best is yet to come in 2013. Guess what else is scheduled for 2013? My wedding! I can’t reveal a date just yet but I will share that my fiance and I are hoping to wed during the latter part of the year. Like most planning brides, I want to look tight and right on my big day. I mean, who wouldn’t desire to be as trim and fit as possible for such a monumental occasion? But like far too many Americans, I make excuses for not working out regularly and my eating habits can stand for a little makeover. What’s a gal to do? [Read more…]

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