Friday Film Review – A Haunted House

Black love on screen: Essence Atkins & Marlon Wayans are the stars of A Haunted House

I know, I know, I know…You’re wondering what the %*$# the new film, A Haunted House, has to do with weddings, Black brides or relationships in general. Well, a lot actually. I attended an advance press screening for the flick which officially hits theaters today and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Here’s why:

Keep in mind the movie is a parody and isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. But that’s sort of the beauty of it. I happen to dislike most horror films but I still enjoyed A Haunted House. First and foremost, this movie is freakin’ hilarious. Like knee-slapping funny. I haven’t laughed so much at a movie in a pretty long time. The star of the film, actor-producer-writer Marlon Wayans, is no stranger to making folks laugh; heck the family he was born into kinda requires it. But I was shocked that his co-star and romantic interest in the film Essence Atkins was equally as funny. I covered Essence’s wedding back when I was working at and I’ve been a fan ever since. (Please check out this link, her nuptials were gorgeous!) I now have even more respect for her as an actress; her comedic timing in A Haunted House was stellar.

Keshia and Malcolm (played by Essence and Marlon) react to the possibility of a ghost being in their home.

Another huge surprise of this film and what makes it Triple B worthy? Viewers will get to see a likeable, believable, attractive and upwardly mobile young Black couple on the silver screen. And…wait for it…the male character goes hard for his lady. He wants to protect her; to protect them and defend his household. Get this: A Haunted House portrays a Black woman actually having a romantic relationship with a Black man that isn’t abusive, they aren’t living in poverty or above their means, they laugh, they argue over things like who did or didn’t clean the bathroom, they have sex, they share their fears and insecurities with each other. During the Q&A following the screening, Marlon even said he enjoyed having a Black female lead character in this film who wasn’t angry. I think that Marlon kid is really onto something. My one complaint? The word n*gga was used throughout the film way too much for my taste. The flick would have been just as funny without it. But that’s another post for another site.

I had the pleasure to do a quick one-on-one interview with Marlon after the screening last night. Check out this excerpt:

Me chatting with Marlon for Triple B!

Black Bridal Bliss: It was refreshing to see a relatable couple like you and Essence on the big screen. Should we expect more of that from you in upcoming projects?

Marlon Wayans: When it comes to me? Yeah, definitely. I want to portray more Black women on screen with layers. [To show] them being loving, funny, not over-the-top, not melodramatic. [I’d like to show] more couples who are loving, that co-exist and are playful. And yeah they might call each other out their names but it’s in play; how we play. [When executed properly] You see the love and you see the playfulness.

BBB: Nice. So can we expect any wedding bells to ring for you soon?

MW: Love isn’t perfect. I don’t know if marriage will ever work for me just because I’m scared to death of divorce.

Are you planning to check out A Hauted House this weekend? Why/why not? By the way, it is a perfect date night flick!



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  1. I was on the fence about seeing this movie. Honestly, I haven’t fallen in love with all of Marlon’s work. However, for some reason I wanted to think that this would be different. After reading your review, I feel like this movie will be the one that “gets me.”
    Congrats on the advance screening invite.

  2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Erica – Thx! They say laughter is the best medicine. And if nothing else, I’m sure you’ll have several hearty laughs while watching this film.

  3. We now have plans for tonight’s Date Night. Thanks. Your review and the train in NYC have just helped me to make this .

  4. Avatar Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

    Very interesting, especially the comment about the excessive use of the “n” word. When will they learn that that word nor curse words improve the quality of a movie. Oh well, I must say you’re looking fine as ever in the photo. Do your thing Bridgette!

  5. @Sharon – Glad Triple B could help! ;-)

    @Aunt Zee – Re: The N word usage. Yeah, I don’t get why folks use that word like their life depended on it in 2013…SMH. But thanks for the photo kudos!

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