Whimsical Wedding Cakes – Creme Delicious

Pretty Tasty: Creme Delicious Cakes

I first learned of the fab bakery Creme Delicious while at the wedding of Chris and Jada Paul. The couple had a traditional white multi-tier cake but mid-way through the reception guests were treated to individual cakes similar to those above. And then at the Martha Stewart Weddings soriee last fall, I got to see more of Creme’s edible artistry upclose. Sweet!

Creme Delicious produces the adorable mini-cakes pictured but also large standard-size cakes, cupcakes and even cookies. These henna-inspired desserts don’t come cheap (prices begin at $13 per serving with a $500 minimum and the 2″x5″ mini-cakes are $25 a pop) but for those who can afford to splurge and want a statement-making cake at their reception, Creme Delicious is a winner. Oh and in addition to being a pleasure to look at, the cakes come in yummy flavors like green tea, red velvet, and pink champagne (!), as well as the classics, chocolate and vanilla.

A Creme Delicious cake I snapped at the Martha Stewart fete.

Creme Delicious founder Sandy Pantangay studied the art of henna while growing up in India. Her attention to detail is beyond impressive: each cake goes through a nine-step baking and decoration process, which includes colorful airbrushing, three rounds of intricate henna-inspired piping, careful placement of sugar beads, and a dusting of edible gold glitter. One downfall of having these cakes at your affair? Guests might think they’re too pretty to eat!

If your budget allowed, would you order Creme Delicious cakes for your big day? Why/why not?

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    1. Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

      They are truly too pretty to eat. I don’t think I like that, besides it requires too much handling to make it look like that. Just my humble opinion.

    2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Aunt Zee – I hear ya…These cakes aren’t for everyone but they’re still too divine not to share w/ Triple B!

    3. Looking at this beautiful cake while fighting the urge for a midnight snack is a bad idea. Trust me. Funny thing is…I doubt my family would feel comfortable eating something this pretty.

    4. @Sharon – HA! I can imagine… Yet, too pretty to eat seems to be the consensus of several on these cakes.

    5. “Too pretty to a cake eat” sounds like “too cute guy/girl to ask to prom” to me. I dont think I’ve ever heard a woman call a dress too pretty for her to wear. As an (occasionally in recovery) sweets-a-holic, NO CAKE is too pretty for me to eat! ;-)
      Seriously though, they make gorgeous works of art which are meant to be enjoyed twice-visually then orally! Don’t deprive yourself if you can afford it. On such a singular day as one’s wedding, selected splurges are ok if they fit in the budget (see BBB’s many posts re debt and weddings) and this seems better than spending hundreds of $ on programs and menu cards which will be discarded if one’s guests & vendors don’t recycle (clutch the pearls!).
      To each her own.

    6. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @Incog – I’m so thankful for thinking readers like you! Your “pretty girl/prom” analogy is classic. Your comment is much appreciated.

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