Must-Hear Reception Music:The Top 10 Feel Good Wedding Songs

Tie the Knot Tuesday alums Camille and Uchenna cut a rug!

For most, dancing and feel-good music are two of the most anticipated parts of a wedding reception. Whether your dance moves rival those of Debbie Allen or you can barely two-step, it really doesn’t matter at a wedding reception! Hiring the right band and/or DJ is crucial to ensuring the dancefloor stays packed all night. Even those who opt to handle their own tunes without the help of a professional should spend ample time choosing their playlist.

It’s important when planning the music for your wedding to pick not only the songs that you like, but also what your guests might like. Since weddings are typically multi-generation family affairs, there’s usually quite a diverse set of music that ends up being played to have something for everyone. Don’t be surprised if Nana seems annoyed after the sixth consecutive 2Chainz song is played. Some nearlyweds even ask their guests when they RSVP for song requests. Below are Triple B’s top ten [r&b, hip-hop, soul] songs to play at a wedding.

(In no particular order…)

The Wobble by V.I.C (And other “line dance” songs such as The Electric Slide, The Cupid Shuffle, etc.)

Candy by Cameo

Poison by B.B.D.

Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys

A Night to Remember by Shalamar

Before I Let Go by Frankie Beverly and Maze

Dollar Wine by Byron Lee and the Dragonaires

Off the Wall by Michael Jackson (Mike when his talk was live!)

Let’s Go Crazy by Prince

Crazy in Love by Beyonce featuring Jay-Z

BONUS: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey (The genre and cheesiest of this ’80s classic might seem out of place on this list… Sue us!)

View Camille and Uchenna’s complete Tie the Knot Tuesday feature here.

Did your favorite jam make the cut? Leave a comment with whatever song(s) Triple B missed!

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    1. Off the wall might not be one of my first MJ choices at a wedding but your list is on point! I make it a point to get to know the couple before their wedding because I have found that not all songs work the same and I like to keep the intensity level high. One wedding crowd might go crazy if I play “Hole in the wall” by Marvin Sease and the other crowd might scream their heads off if I play any song by Fela Kuti or even introduce the couple while playing “Come clean” by Jeru the Damaja (That was a funny one). I love being able to bring that personal touch for all my clients/friends!

    2. You have me at work altering my pandora playlist. I’m ready to party now. My list
      1. Anniversary – Tony! Toni! Tone!
      2. I Believe In You And Me – Four Tops
      3. Cherish – Kool & The Gang
      4. Always And Forever – Heatwave
      5. Shower Me With Your Love – Surface
      6. One In A Million You – Larry Graham
      7. Through The Fire – Chaka Khan
      8. All This Love – DeBarge
      9. Here And Now – Luthar Vandross
      10. Three Times A Lady – The Commodores

    3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Thanks for weighing in, guys! @Mark – You’re definitely the expert here. ;-) Great to know that you learn the couple’s personalities first — I’m sure that makes such a (positive) difference. @Erica – Your playlist is excellent for the top slow jams! All of those songs are pretty mellow and would probably work well for a cocktail hour.

    4. & Before I Let Go

    5. If the first eight bars of Poison doesn’t move the crowd, they need to stay home. EVERYONE from Grandma to the flower girl hits the floor when they hear Poison. One additional jam: I Love Music by The O’Jays. OMG, I’m over here groovin’ just thinking about it! Cool list Bridgette!

    6. Wait! Stop the presses…Has everyone forgotten to mention New Edition? Say it ain’t so.

    7. I’m ole school and still love At Last by Etta James for the first dance.

    8. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      @MJ – Thx! Oh and you’re right about I Love Music by the O’Jays. That’s a crowd-pleaser for sure.

      @Sharon – I’m a bona fide New Edition fan, too. Does the inclusion of B.B.D on this list not count?! ;-)

      @Mommy – Yes, that is a classic first dance song. However this list is compiled of feel good “dance” or upbeat/uptempo songs. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in the post…

    9. Really interesting choices! What a great idea to choose something a bit different.

    10. Vicky Peralta says:

      Hello! I’m getting married in a month and I am collecting songs to be played in the reception. My playlist is a combination of dance, feel good music, easy listening and a bit of love songs:

      1. Celebration – Kool & The Gang
      2. Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
      3. Good Times – Chic
      4. Heart to Heart – Kenny Loggins
      5. The Flight – Perri
      6. Key to You – David Benoit
      7. My Wish – Rascall Flatts
      8. Here’s To You – Rascall Flatts
      9. I Love You – Martina McBride
      10. Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest

      That’s my partial list.

    11. A friend linked me to your website. Thnx for the details.

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