How Does Social Media Impact Your Wedding Planning?

Is social media making your wedding planning (more) stressful?

My apologies folks but there’s no Tie the Knot Tuesday today. Bummer I know but I thought we’d have some fun until TTKT returns. I want to know how you guys feel about wedding planning in the digital age. What is too much sharing? (Do you really need to post 48 pictures of your engagement ring on Instagram?) How do you avoid your fifth cousin finding out that she wasn’t invited to your bridal shower when you just got tagged on Facebook in a dozen pics from the fun soiree?

I’ve been engaged now for four months and I’ve already learned that while social media can be great for networking (Are you following Triple B on Facebook and Twitter yet?), it can cause confusion when wedding planning if a good dose of discernment isn’t used. I want to get a gauge on where you guys stand on the above topics and more. So…Take the poll below to make your voice heard! And leave a comment as well with your thoughts on this sticky subject.

Would you allow guests to post pictures from your wedding day (or engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor/ette festivities) on Facebook or other social media platforms before you do?

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  1. I think that it’s hard to draw a line about whether you “allow” people to post pics. In the end, unless you plan to frisk people and confiscate cameras and smartphones, there will be some paparazzi inside the event. What I think you CAN do is express your desire, kindly, to your friends and guests in a fun way like the whole “What happens in Vegas” campaign-anyone who violates the code will be thoroughly shunned.
    You can also set a tone by not posting every little detail about the planning an execution of one’s own event. A few high-impact posts carry more value than a thousand tweets about the progress of the bride’s make-up application on the big day.
    Overall, I think you’ve shown good balance- you share fun details with us without making BBB all about yourself. Keep up the great work!

  2. Avatar Robbi Rob says:

    Personally, I feel like it’s rude for wedding guests to post pics of the bride and groom at the wedding before the bride and groom post any pics!. So many times I see people post pictures from weddings they are attending as the weddings are in process, and I get upset for the bride. If it’s my day, I honestly would like to be the first to display pictures or myself and my husband. I’ve had this discussion with people that feel like it’s basically impossible to avoid this from happening; however, I feel like it should be a common courtesy NOT to post people’s wedding pics during the wedding, or before they post at least one picture. This is one of the most important days in our lives, let us share our joy first, I’d like to get people’s initial reactions to seeing my groom and I on our special day, I don’t want everyone to have seen 100 pics and 10 videos of me saying “I DO” before I even get to post a pic of me in my dress.

  3. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Incog – Thanks; I’m trying to keep the balance… And I do think you’re right about the couple in question setting the tone for their guests.

    @RR – I agree! Posting pics of the couple during the ceremony/reception seems so thirsty to me. We’ve all forgotten (some of us more/less than others) how to live in the moment…

  4. I pride myself on being a Social Media Butterfly so I plan to integrate social media in my wedding planning and wedding as much as possible :)

  5. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Nae – Thanks for weighing in!

  6. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Oh and Incog, there is actually a such thing as an “unplugged” wedding where in fact guests are forbidden to take pics during the ceremony. I think I’ll post on this next week…

  7. That would be great! I try to live an ‘unplugged’ life (other than work and BBB, of course) so, I look forward to hearing more about how one can accomplish a wedding without being photobombed or whatever other craziness is going on with Instagram and the like.

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