Beyonce & Jay-Z Marriage Matters Monday – CAPTION IT!

As mentioned on Triple B in the past, some images are so strong they require no words to describe them. The above pic was snapped just moments after Beyonce shut down (literally) the 2013 Superbowl with her electrifying halftime show. After her unforgettable performance, Beyonce’s hubby Jay-Z was waiting for her backstage and the two shared this heartwarming embrace. This picture is especially touching since the duo rarely exhibit PDA. As if this weren’t adorable enough, Jay — who despite having over two million followers hardly ever tweets — jokingly tweeted: “Lights out! Any questions?” of course referencing the power surge in the New Orleans Superdome after his wife’s performance.

Again, this picture doesn’t need a caption but if I had to come up with one I’d choose that age-old line from the beloved film Mahogany: “Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with.”

In the comments, share what your caption would be for this picture!

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  1. LOVE them!

  2. Bridgette, I think you just “shut it down” for comments. The Mahogany quote sums it up best:-)

  3. Love Jay + Bey!!! And YES she shut it down!! Excellent performance.

  4. Avatar Kisha Kingston says:

    I have so much admiration for B and the love that her and Jay share together! 11+ years and they still seem to be so much in love—-the way it should be!

  5. So glad you guys are feeling this photo, too!

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