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Triple B founder Bridgette Bartlett with fitness guru Richard Simmons!

Triple B has been busy! Take a look at what we’ve been up to around New York City. Fun times.Last month Old Navy launched a new athletic collection and guess who they got to help with this debut? None other than the workout master himself, Richard Simmons. There I am with Simmons above and again below trying to keep those 2013 fitness goals in order…I’m way behind on those goals but I had a ball sweating to the oldies with other NYC magazine editors at the event.

Last week Martha Stewart Weddings held a bridal event at the new Tiffany & Co. store in the Soho section of NYC. This soiree included a live band, calligrapher, photo booth, cookies and the opportunity to try on as much bling as attendees wanted. The best part? A couple actually got engaged at the shindig! Check out a couple of lovely pics from the evening below:

Triple B's Bridgette and Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings!


This Tiffany & Co. yellow diamond sparkler goes for $71,000!

And on Sunday, I had the pleasure of being the MC at a wonderful event from After I Do on Keeping the Passion Alive After the Wedding. The panelists included Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland (toy store) and sex therapist Dr. Megan Fleming. The panel was moderated by Essence Magazine’s relationship editor (and my homie!) Charreah Jackson. It was an enjoyable yet informative day and hardly felt like work.

Me after fulfilling my MC duties.

Me & Charreah are all smiles!

Triple B has more exciting events and collaborations up the pike so stay tuned!

[All images courtesy of G.A.R.]

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    1. Wow. How was working out with R. Simmons? BTW, that ring is litterally half of what I paid for my first co-op….ridiculous

    2. Erica, working out with Richard was so much fun. He was actually wearing hosiery (!) and a Swarovski crystal tank custom-made from Old Navy. It was hilarious. And I’m with you on the cost of the ring. As my own engagement ring — which I love — indicates, sentimental jewelry always trumps expensive jewelry for me!

    3. Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

      As for Richard Simmons…I KNEW he had on stockings; us old people know what old legs are supposed to look like! But he is still looking marvelous! Now for that ring, I’ll have 2 of them. LOL.

    4. Mj’s commentary on all of this fabulousness:

      1) The pic with Richard Simmons is EVERYTHING!
      2) The ring is cute, but your fabulous “au naturale” nails are what caught my eye:-)
      3) You are killing the game with that peplum. WERK!
      4) You and Charreah are gorgeous Glamazons!

    5. @Aunt Zee – LOL @ “old” people knowing what “old” legs look like!

      @MJ – THANK YOU!

    6. Everyone keep your eyes peeled for a VERY BBB episode of TLC’s new show, Somethig Borrowed Something New. I think you will all recognize the show’s star! My beau asked me, “you mean you ‘know her’ know her, not just that she’s famous?”

    7. LOL @ Incog! I plan to formally announce it here next week but it is crazy how many people have already recognized me from the teaser. And your beau’s question is hilarious!

    8. I just couldn’t hold it in…I was so excited for you! I can’t wait to see how they transform the heirloom.

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