Triple B & Curly Nikki Book GIVEAWAY: WIN IT!

A copy of this book can be YOURS!

As we’ve covered here on Triple B before, few things get Black women as emotionally riled up as the topic of hair. Blogger Nikki Walton’s cult following from her blog, Curly Nikki, is yet another example of this. Nikki’s first book, Better Than Good Hair (Amistad) is all the buzz right now and for good reason. The book, co-written by Ernessa T. Carter, is chock-full of useful info on transitioning from relaxed to natural tresses, the big chop, tips on caring for your daughter’s mane, kitchen beautician recipes, product reccos and tons of pics from real women like you. Although I currently relax my hair, I was natural from 2000-2008 and boy do I wish this type of book was accessible back then! Well, Triple B called in a couple of favors and secured a spanking new copy for you! Wanna know how to win it?

Here’s what to do:

Leave a comment below with the name of the celebrity who will most influence or did most influence your wedding day hairstyle. This celebrity can be any race or nationality, can wear their hair kinky, wavy or straight, can rock a low-cut Cesear or a bra-strap length weave — it doesn’t matter. (It will help — but isn’t necessary — if you briefly describe the hairstyle. For example if I could enter this contest, my comment would be Nia Long’s short pixie cut. My friend NH who is planning a wedding in September 2013 would probably comment about Tracee Ellis Ross’s carefree ringlets.)

This giveaway ends at midnight EST on Friday, February 22, 2013.

The winner will be selected by a random, objective source and announced later this month and the book will be sent directly to the winner by March 1st.

I look forward to your comments!

*Be sure the email address you use when commenting is one that is checked regularly!*

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  1. The updo Teyonah Parris wore to the SAG Awards. That was hot!!! I hope I win the book.

  2. Rihanna’s short cut, the asymmetrical one.

  3. Gabrielle Union’s beautiful length and flowing, big curly hair.

  4. I love Iyanla Vanzant’s short natural.

  5. I love Beyonce’s low bun rolls (similar to Princess Leia but more towards the back of her head) she rocked in her “Best Thing I Never Had” video! That is the exact look I want for my wedding day. I will add a fabulous veil and/or hair pin to complete the look!

  6. Yvette Nicole Brown’s luscious crown of high-volume curls is a dream look for my future wedding! For me; a small cream floral/feathered piece would highlight this shoulder-length natural veil of gorgeous hair!

  7. I love love love Teyonah Parris’s SAG award hairstyle. I cannot wait to rock my natural hair in all of its glory on my wedding day!

  8. Kim Fields locs

  9. I will be rocking Rae Dawn Chong’s tight ringlets in a high messy bun with a blusher.

  10. Angela Simmons long curly weave is sexy and elegant. Its also easy to pin up when you hit the dance floor with your new groom

  11. Avatar Phyllis Coy says:

    I adore Jill Scott’s curly style in her “Blessed” video. I love the way her hair is pulled up on one side and cascades down her face on one side. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. I like Jill Scott’s styles because she’s bold yet feminine in her styles. Looking at her styles, whether it was an updo, side sweep, locs, or teased tresses, her hair is always on point and her face is round like mine. And on my wedding day not only does my dress need to be flawless but so does my hair.

  13. Thank you for the awesome responses, ladies! A winner has been chosen and will be announced soon.

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