Catch Triple B on TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New TONIGHT!

Me in one of the many wedding dresses I tried on for Something Borrowed, Something New! Think I picked this gown?

Tonight is the night, folks. Triple B has made it to prime-time! Tune into TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New to catch Triple B and me on a hilarious and quite possibly emotional show. (Check here for complete listing info.) At the end of the 30-minute episode, you would have met my mother, two of my best girlfriends and watched me try on a slew of wedding dresses. Plus you’ll get to witness how my mother’s very 1960s suit was transformed into a gown(!) and finally which look I ultimately chose for the big day — the decision was tough. I can’t imagine how else you would want to spend your Friday night. [insert chuckle here]

Check out a sneak peek of the show here (you’ll get to see me do The Wobble)! For the record, I did not wear a wedding dress to my prom — ahem, Tress…

Don’t forget to join in on the fun Twitter chat, too! Follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already and weigh in with your opinion of the show. Use #sbsn and #tripleb in your tweets. I’ll even be tweeting pics from my viewing party — complete with specialty cocktails.

See you all tonight!

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    1. Awwh congrats. This is going to be to cute. You are off to a fab year…keep it up :)

    2. Thank you, Saharra! xo

    3. I am watching now. Your mom is so cute and heart is in the right place. I am excited to see which dress you choose.

    4. Watching you right now!! You look amazing!

    5. ALICIA THOMAS says:

      Saw the show…all the dresses were beautiful but I particularly liked dress 1 & 3!

    6. ALICIA THOMAS says:

      Saw the show…all the dresses were beautiful but I particularly liked dress 1 & 3! Glad it was u that had 2 make the decision & NOT me!! Lol Good luck on ur wedding!

    7. Hello
      Both dresses were pretty on you. You made a good decision. Will you pass the dress down to your daughter??? Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

    8. Im soooooooo glad you choose the dress you did! It’s beautiful!

    9. Just finished watching the show. So fun and you looked gorgeous in every dress, but it’s wonderful you picked your mom’s dress. Oddie is lovely! Blessings on your marriage. Great site, too!

    10. I just saw you on the show!!! I loved your mom & your friends who were very supportive. I am glad you picked the something borrowed.

      Best Wishes on Your Nuptials


    11. Virtuousblu says:

      Excellent choice! That something borrowed dressed turned out soooo much more gorgeous than any dress in a salon! Congratulations!

    12. Just watched your episode of Something Borrowed—you made a great choice and looked stunning!!! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

    13. Brigette, I just want to say you’ve got it going on. I was so happy to know you selected your Mom’s lovely ensemble. It just worked for you. Your friend Latressa was a key factor in helping you select your gown by her comments in the dressing room. Continue to stay true to yourself. I just loveeeeee your Mom. I appreciate your father as well for helping to create such a wonderful sista you are. God bless and many blessings to Black Bridal Bliss.

      Yvonne, SC

    14. Hi Bridgette. It was great seeing you on the show. My wife-to-be loves Something Borrowed Something New, and since tomorrow is our wedding preparation course… I decided to leave the desktop for a while and join her. I’m glad I did. PS: We think you made the right choice : )

    15. I just watched the show. I am so glad you picked your Mom’s dress.

      I lost my daughter when she was a baby and nothing would have made me happier.

      You and your Mom are both beautiful people.

      Congrats and God Bless.

    16. I love your something borrowed….. it was gorgeous. Congrads

    17. Just watched Something Borrowed and you looked amazing! I’m not all the sentimental, but it was very emotional to watch you try on your mother’s wedding dress and I think you made a great choice. Congratulations and all the best.

    18. I really enjoyed the show, and am very glad you picked the gown you did. So much emotion and history with that dress! And custom-made for you, for that price? Who could ask for anything more!?

    19. I just watched your episode. Your mom’s dress turned out fantastic. You’re going to look so lovely.

    20. Greetings Bridgette,
      I thoroughly enjoyed your episode on TLC I too agree with your decision to wear your mothers dress it is a once in a lifetime experience that many woman like myself will not have the opportunity to have. God bless you on your up coming wedding and marriage. My fiance and I are planning a destination wedding next year it will be a bitter sweet moment because my mother passed away two months ago and I’m completely overwhelmed with planning the wedding without her to be here to share my big day with us. I will keep you updated on my progression as I get closer to my date sharing our journey to oneness.

    21. Carla A. Nelson says:

      It was my first time watching the show and I was surprised to hear about your blog! Now that I know about it I will definitely keep up with you. I like the new design on your mom’s dress and I am glad you selected it. for a moment, I thought you might choose the new dress for the ceremony and use your mom’s creation for he reception.
      I wish you much success as you plan your wedding, and receive all the happiness you can stand as you live the rest of your husband.

    22. Etahe Johnson says:

      CONGRATULATIONS ……OMG , the show was one of the most emotional ones. I look at that show every week. You reminded me of my father. My father is still with me but you touched me so much that I talk to him almost every day but now I will not go without a day speaking to me. I am such a daddy’s girl. We even scheduled a day for lunch. I was suppose to wear my mothers dress when I got married, but we had a house fire and it was lost. was so glad to see that you picked your mom’s dress.

    23. Fran Williams says:

      I had never seen Something Borrowed, Something New before, but I’m so glad I found it last night! I wore my mom’s wedding dress from 1958 when I got married in 1989. Fortunately, I loved it just like it was, hoop skirt and all, and it fit perfectly. Your mom’s suit was so pretty and I hated to see it cut, but it turned out beautiful! I assume you still have the coat from the suit? The fabric is beautiful! How did they lighten the color? Your mom is precious and I’m so happy you chose her dress for your wedding. Best wishes for your wedding day and beyond!

    24. such a wonderful show. You made the right choice. You will be stunning. I am so glad that there are people who put value where it belongs..I enjoyed the show but cried almost the whole time. God’s blessings on you marriage.

    25. Saw the show and thought it was great!

    26. I saw the show you guys are a natural!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed it.

    27. A star is born! You guys looked soooo good! You did a wonderful job.Just know, I cried with you. I loved the dress especially since it was your mother’s. Great Job!

    28. Saw the show, awesome!!!!!

    29. I have received so many phone calls and emails with such kind words in which I’m humble and grateful for.Everyone wanted me to tell you you did a great job and made a wise choice. Love you.

    30. I looked at the Something New episode with you on it, and seeing you and your friend and mother crying brought me to tears. The sentiment behind wearing your mother’s dress is so beautiful! The dresses you tried on were really beautiful, but they still didn’t have anything on the “repurposed” dress of your mom. I absolutely loved what she did with your mother’s dress and you made a very wise choice. You are going to look beautiful when you walk down the isle to your groom! Congrats!

    31. Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone! I sincerely appreciate your support.

    32. I loved your mothers gown transformed. I think it was the best fit.

    33. Love the dress it is so you yayyyy

    34. Saw the episode

    35. Hi Bridgette, I loved the choice you made. The dress is stunning! A very beautiful dress. God bless you on your beautiful day :)

    36. Saw the episode! You looked amazing and beautiful. Kelly did awesome on the dress!

    37. I just watched and I am both amazed at Kelly’s work and touched by your choice of dress. It has really made me think of how I will honor my own mom at my upcoming nuptials. Praise God, she will still be here to enjoy my special day.
      Glad to know you, B!

    38. Wow! You look fabulous in that dress above, but it goes without saying that you totally made the right choice. I loved your mother’s vintage shift dress & coat ensemble, although it was obviously not a “wedding gown.” But the transformation was amazing! And you looked SO beautiful in your “borrowed” gown. I am so happy for you and your Mom. And thank you very much for sharing your story with us! (And please thank your friend for making us ALL cry. LOL). Congratulations and best wishes to you and your groom!

    39. Just discovered your blog after seeing you on TLC! I am getting married in June and I am so happy I found your site! Your ‘borrowed’ dress was AMAZING and I’m so so happy you chose that gown. Congratulations to you on your marriage and success!

    40. I watched this episode and I was in tears along with your mother. Congratulations to the bride and groom on your upcoming nuptials. God Bless the famly. I know your dad is smiling down on you.

    41. I just wanted to say I watched your show last nigh and it was the first episode of SBSN that I bawled the whole episode the end result as amazing you definitely pick the right dress it’s unique just like you fashion foward and best part hold a lot of value. Contgrats and good luck on your wedding day.

    42. Bridgette Bridgette says:

      Thanks again for all the wonderful feeback and encouragement, folks!

    43. Nicole Stevenson- Adams says:

      Hey Bridgette. I know it’s sooo late, but I just had to tell you I’m so proud and inspired by you. Congrats and the dress you chose was perfect. I hope my daughter will do the same. Of course she will probably have to add about six inches to the hem. LOL She doesn’t have that much to go before she’s taller than me….She’ s five. SMH

    44. I didn’t know your website and I normally don’t make comments. But I just watched the show and you looked gorgeous on every single gown. But the one you chose brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations!!!

    45. Whhaaaaatttttttt


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