You Oughta Know: Walmart Has Engagement Rings for $58 (Seriously!)

Walmart's Forever Bride 1/3 Carat T.W. Diamond and Sterling Silver Bridal Set, $198

You, read correctly. Fifty. Eight. Dollars! Who knew it was possible to purchase a diamond engagement ring or wedding band under the same roof as toilet paper and laundry detergent (and in some states guns)? Walmart has recently expanded their assortment of quality diamond jewelry for every budget, with a wide selection of engagement rings and other bridal jewelry all under $1,000. The bargain retailer even offers layaway year-round on all jewelry purchases.

Ginny Rothschild, senior category director of jewelry and accessories at Walmart shares, “Couples today face a lot of financial pressures and we believe ring buying shouldn’t be one of them.” Walmart also surveyed 1500 respondents in January 2013 about their perceptions of engagement rings. Surprisingly (or not), nearly half of those Americans surveyed (47.6 percent) disagree that an engagement ring should cost the age-old “rule” of two months’ salary and a whooping sixty percent disagree that ring quality is defined by the size of the diamond.

Walmart offers three main collections: Forever Bride Collection (rings start at $58), Always & Forever Platinaire Collection (rings start at $98 and diamonds are set in a blend of sterling silver and five percent platinum) and the Keepsake Collection (rings start at $168 and diamonds are set in 10K or 14K yellow or white gold or sterling silver).

Platinaire 1/5 Carat T.W. Engagement Ring, $198

I realize some of you are clutching your pearls at the idea of your engagement ring and/or wedding band coming from Walmart. But really…If you like the ring and love the person giving it to you, does it matter if it came from Tiffany, Cartier or a mom, a pop vintage shop or even an indie, under-the-radar designer? I’m a firm believer that true style cannot be purchased. Let’s see how extensive these collections get in years to come…

Would you wear an engagement ring or wedding band from Walmart? Why/why not?

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  1. Avatar Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

    Well, why not wear a ring from Walmart, especially if that’s where you shop all the time. Our wedding bands, brought 35 years ago cost $99 each from a jewelry store so the cost is about the same. Good article.

  2. @Aunt Zee – Thanks! And for the record: You and Uncle George have a union that is inspiring to me and many others.

  3. No. I absolutely wouldn’t. But then I am not a fan of Walmart or their business practices so I would never purchase anything from there

  4. While I’m not one to judge another’s finances, I just can’t bear supporting Wal-mart/Sam’s Club. I’m with Natalie. It doesn’t help that I literally just finished watching a documentary about the company an hour ago. Those low prices come at a high cost- to worldwide labor as well as local safety and business. Shop local (and brown!) whenever you can.
    I’d explore my local antique jewelry/consignment shops for affordable options first so that the $ stays in my community with the real ‘job-creators’.
    Who knew BBB would get so political! I’m sure that additional, respectfully expressed, opinions will follow…

  5. Right On, Natalie and Rhonda. It’s so encouraging to know young people are aware of human rights abuse and the abusers. If not now, when? If not you, who? Whenever an item is super cheap we need to question, at whose cost am I getting this price? What goes around, comes around.

  6. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Natalie, Ronda and SD – Thx for commenting. Those who choose not to shop at Walmart because of ethical reasons and those who are offended by this post b/c of ethical reasons are duly noted. I appreciate that Triple B has thinking commenters and you all keep me on my toes.

    However I happen to know that many (more like most) of us don’t show this same discernment when wearing and pining after blood diamond rings. I’m not condoning mistreatment of laborers anywhere but let’s be consistent. I felt it was important to post this story because there are many people who check out this site who do frequent Walmart but aren’t aware of their jewelry options and would find this info on engagement rings informative. There is probably a larger group that will spend $$$ on an engagement ring beyond their means and not consider Walmart as an option because they feel that might make them look “cheap or tacky”. As a recently engaged woman who constantly has her engagement ring scructinized, I can assure you that most people are (still) sheep and that a large diamond and/or a diamond from Cartier, TIffany & Co. etc. equates to a better ring to them. So while I commend those who make conscious decisions about not shopping in Walmart at ALL because of human rights beliefs, I wanted those folks who do shop there for household items and such to realize engagement rings and wedding bands are also an option and the styles available are stylish and modern.

    I could go on and on but I have to go. Again, thanks for commenting.

  7. Indeed, B and no attack was intended. None of us is a perfect global citizen. Each should be responsible and respect her budget. The marriage is more important than the rings…or the opinions of strangers.

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