The Road to Mrs. – Wedding Planning Decisions!

Find out what six (!) major decisions Nae has made for her summer wedding.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! I began my wedding planning journey by attending a few bridal shows in order to get a handle on the various vendors and options:

Decision #1: After attending a few bridal shows, it became obvious to me that we would need some help through this process. Neither Mr. DrummerBoy nor I are good at making decisions when presented with seemingly unlimited options. Not knowing where to begin, we hired a wedding coordinator to help guide us through all of the many details. I also began a Going to the Chapel Pinterest Board. This was instrumental in shaping the look and feel of our special day. Later on when Pinterest added ‘group pinning’ I invited my wedding coordinator and bridal party to pin ideas as well.

Decision #2: Next we chose our venue. We looked at a few very different types of venues including an art gallery, a ballroom and a historic manor but we both immediately fell in love with the same one and since we didn’t have a preference for a specific date, we decided to choose a date based on the availability of our chosen venue.

Decision #3: Venue booked, we chose our bridal party. I knew that I wanted to do something slightly more special than a phone call so I ordered these cards from PaintedByRenee on Etsy:

They were a big hit! Luckily, all of my girls (and his guys) said yes.

Decision #4: Venue and bridal party in place, our wedding coordinator began scheduling tastings with caterers. As a foodie, this was one of the most important decisions for me and these catering companies did not disappoint:

We had great tastings with them all but you’ll have to stay tuned to see who we chose.

Decision #5: Most recently I began the search for my dress. I made two appointments a week apart at two local bridal shops that cater to curvy girls like me. My first appointment was with CurvyGirls Bridal in Fairfax, Virginia. Our consultant April was great. She was very patient and knowledgeable. After trying on several dresses, my mom and I left CurvyGirls excited about possibly returning to make the final decision.

One week later, I had an appointment with Curvaceous Couture in Columbia, Maryland. Both my mom and my best friend accompanied me. This visit screamed serendipity from the start. Our consultant for the day, Yuneisia, and I hit it off right away. Yuneisia really understood my preferences and concerns regarding style and shape and even talked me into trying styles I had not considered — and that’s when it happened. I found my dress and yes, I cried!

 Six major decisions made, what more could be left? Plenty! Stay tuned for the next stop on The Road to Mrs…

What do you remember most about wedding planning? How did your decision-making process go?

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  1. Avatar Erica J. says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’ve enjoyed each of the previous Road To Mrs…, & it looks like the streak will continue. Great job Nae & BBB.

  2. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    @Erica J. – Thank you! I’m glad you have enjoyed The Road to Mrs. series…Nae is Triple B’s 4th blogger in the feature thus far — WOO HOO.

  3. Those Will You Be My Bridesmaid? cards are too cute and that food looks scrumptious!

  4. Hi Nae! How exciting! I feel like I’m right there with you watching you advance toward your special day. Keep smiling…I couldn’t be happier for you. Love always, Kathy

  5. Avatar Cousin Mars says:

    Hey, Nae. Welcome to the family. Thanks for sharing these jewels. I’m looking forward to your future posts. Don’t forget to check me out for Cousin Mars’ Final Fridays

  6. YAY! I am glad you had that moment and found your dress!! Congratulations and I have to say that you guys are on the right track!!

  7. Avatar Zenobia Hatcher-Wilson says:

    Nae, I am enjoying reading your blog, I like the methodical way you are preceding to the Big Day. My husband and I will be celebrating 35 years of marriage on Monday, 3/18 – a lot of things have changed but some things still remain, i.e. the thrill of finding “the dress!” God bless you and your fiance on your journey.

  8. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Thanks for the feedback, y’all!

  9. I planned my wedding 23 1/2 years ago long before today’s technology made things easier to find, research and compare. What I remember most now is not planning for the wedding, but dreaming of the marriage.

  10. Thanks all! Hey Cousin Mars..I will definitely check you out :)

  11. Avatar Monica grey coker says:

    The hardest part of the wedding planning process was to remember its all about the bride and groom not our parents ! So juggling culture , our parents request and making sure our guests were entertained can be challenging ! Especially when you are you parents only child but it was all worth it!

  12. Love the maid of honor cards! I liked the early planning– looking at lots of ideas before I had to make decisions on everything. I also enjoyed picking a venue probably most of all.

  13. I enjoyed reading this. Good Luck with all your decisions. I know you will so happy on your special day.

  14. I planned my wedding to your dad in 5-6 months. It was a fall wedding. Wanted to get married in the park, but married in my former church. (It was best, it rained :0) Selected the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. Had a meeting with maid of honor and brides maids. Chose the fabric for my dress, maid of honor, brides maids, flower girl’s dress and rind bearer’s shirt from G St Fabrics now in Rockville. I made one bridesmaids dress, the flower girls dress and the ring bearer’s shirt & pillow. My mom made my dress. The maid of Honor made hers and the others had their made. My mom & dad hired a caterer and photographer and florist. (would have preferred my Dad’s & Mom’s catering, they were the best cooks but that was too much) . Ordered 500 invitations (400 bride-100 groom). Bridal party got together and hand wrote and mailed out. Asked a childhood friend who was a soloist to sing – He has a beautiful voice. The church had a coordinator for the day of the wedding. The reception was at the church following. Baptist church could not party, so we had party at my big sis house. Your dad & I loved to dance. Your dad got the guys together and they rented tuxedos. My sis and best friends planned the wedding shower. And the guys did their thing… bachelor party… There were no bachelorette parties then..They did not have all the unique ideas you wonderful young people have access too now. So this was my planning… The planning went smooth….

  15. I’ve been planning my wedding since I was 10! I’m not planning a real wedding, but I’m super excited about yours and I love reading about the process. It is so exciting and such a huge deal! I look forward to reading more about the process and looking at your pictures. With all those tastings, I’m wondering how you’re going to pick which one you like the best!?


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